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    MAME v156

    Next release.

    I decided for myself not to update anymore with every new release. I will update with every 5th version from now on, so next will be v160, then v165 aso. I'm not using it anyway, and if I'm really would use it, a slightly older version is still quite new.

    I also download the whole set every time, as it's free anyway, because otherwise it never joins where it should, I have duplicates, and with every update it gets worse and worse if you don't use ClrMAMEPro or such. And I find it always a hassle to use, and I'm messing stuff up more often than I succeed.

    MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
    - 05646: [Crash/Freeze] (megatech.c) mt_soni2: Crash shortly after
    start (David Haywood)
    - 05306: [Crash/Freeze] (asteroid.c) llander, llander1: Changing the
    Language on the Dip Switch screen freezes/crashes the game (mariuszw)
    - 05780: [Graphics] (raiden2.c) raiden2 and clones: Screen parameters/
    refresh rate (Angelo Salese)
    - 00135: [Misc.] (dynax.c) quiztvqq: When you start the game it says
    "BACKUP ERROR" on the version screen. (Osso)
    - 05781: [Documentation] (cps2.c) hsf2, hsf2a, hsf2j: All sets except
    the Phoenix Edition incorrectly use Arabic numeral in the title
    instead of Roman numerals (Alex Jackson)
    - 05395: [Color/Palette] (tmnt.c) cuebrick: Wrong colors in service
    mode "color check" (Alex Jackson)
    - 04990: [Flip Screen/Cocktail] (tumbleb.c) fncywld, jumpkids, tumbleb,
    tumbleb2: Game sprites not flipped when Flip Screen is ON (Osso)
    - 03590: [Color/Palette] (rockrage.c) rockrage, rockragea, rockragej:
    Incorrectly coloured enemy sprites (Alex Jackson)
    - 05760: [Cheat System] (funworld.c) rcdino4: [debug] Assert during initialization
    - 05776: [Crash/Freeze] (tx1.c) buggyboy, buggyboyjr: Crashes after launch. (Robbbert)
    - 02523: [Graphics] (twin16.c) vulcan, gradius2, gradius2a, gradius2b:
    Sprite-background priority is wrong. (Alex Jackson)
    - 04742: [Crash/Freeze] (neodrvr.c) kog: "Attempted to map non-existent port
    ´JUMPER´ for read in space program of device ´:maincpu´" when running
    from softlist (David Haywood)
    - 05769: [Gameplay] (taitogn.c) otenki: Fails to boot into the game. (smf)
    - 05741: [DIP/Input] (centiped.c) centiped3: 2P start button missing (Tafoid)
    - 05740: [DIP/Input] (vsnes.c) cstlevna: Dip switches 5 and 6 are unknown

    Source Changes
    Added SCREEN_RAW_PARAMS for Arkanoid and Astrocorp HWs [Angelo Salese]

    Added SCREEN_RAW_PARAMS for Alpha 68k HW [Angelo Salese]

    Added dump of the sync prom at L8 to Drag Race [Matt]

    Skeleton driver for the PSE Desert Patrol, so to document the
    dumped PROMs [Dave Widel, gregf]

    rspdrc: Optimized accumulator access in multiply instructions. [MooglyGuy]

    lpc: skeleton acpi [O. Galibert]

    pentium: More support of the magic 0x66 prefix [O. Galibert]

    More sane values for dec0.c / dec8.c screen raw parameters. [Angelo Salese]

    i6300esb: Document more registers [O. Galibert]

    steppers: move to emu/machine [Ramiro Polla]

    steppers: add absolute position [Ramiro Polla]

    pentium: This is the kind of problems you find when a bios uses
    xmm4 as call stack [O. Galibert]

    pentium: Some stuff to make lindbergh go further [O. Galibert]

    pci: Add grossly hacked smbus [O. Galibert]

    Experiments in PCI land [O. Galibert]

    Fixed an annoying inconsistency between memory_share and memory_region:
    the width() method of the former returned the width in bits (8, 16, 32 or 64)
    while the width() method of the latter returned the width in bytes
    (1, 2, 4 or Cool. Now both classes have a bitwidth() method and a bytewidth()
    method. Updated all callers to use whichever one was more appropriate.
    Also removed the implicit-cast-to-any-integer-pointer of memory_regions,
    which was rather unsafe (if you weren´t careful with your * operators and
    casts it was easy to accidentally get a pointer to the memory_region object
    itself instead of to the data, with no warning from the compiler... or at
    least I kept doing it) Updated all devices and drivers that were accessing
    regions that way to use a region_ptr_finder when possible, and otherwise to
    call base() explicitly. [Alex Jackson]

    The tilemap system now respects gfx_element::total_colors(). Fixed various
    drivers and devices that were using incorrect total_colors for gfx elements
    used in tilemaps [Alex Jackson]

    Added language rom for Lunar Lander [Mariusz Wojcieszek]

    rsp: Made the RSP interpreter core functional again. [MooglyGuy]

    Long-overdue documentation about how to use priority-masked drawing
    (aka pdrawgfx); add some useful constants. [Alex Jackson]

    Added preliminary layout for Alien Invaders based on screenshot [Tafoid]

    Use of security PIC´s readouts for Naomi-M4 decryption [Andreas Naive]

    Ferrari F355 (original no-link deluxe) USA BIOS added [Andy Geezer]

    Improve template file family properties, added readme and licensed as
    BSD-3-Clause [Angelo Salese]

    Add correct xtal for Kaneko Fly Boy/Fast Freddie hardware based on PCB
    pictures, correct clocks in driver. [Lord Nightmare, albolo]

    Golgo13: fix for service mode toggle mode. [Angelo Salese]

    naomi.c, chihiro.c, triforce.c: [f205v, Metallic]
    - Revised data while adding new information along with some cosmetic changes.

    i82875p: Host bridge fun [O. Galibert]

    pci: generic mapping [O. Galibert]

    i6300esb: More mapping verbosity [O. Galibert]

    tmaster.c: reverse-engineered the keys for all protected TouchMaster games;
    removed the protection hacks. [Peter Ferrie]

    cbombers: fix TC0480SCP text layer colors [Alex Jackson]

    pci: Add remapping notifiers [O. Galibert]

    upd7810.c: [Ramiro Polla]
    - Small ADC improvements.
    - Clean up interrupt handler and make it edge triggered.
    - Set extended timer/event counter interrupts.
    - Fix and export extended timer/event counter output.

    mario.c: fix Monitor switch so it correctly affects both tiles and sprites
    [Alex Jackson]

    Added command-line option -[no]drc_log_uml to control DRC UML
    disassembly logging. This allows logging of DRC UML disassembly without re-compiling
    [Oliver Stoneberg]

    Added command-line option -[no]drc_log_native to control DRC
    native diassembly logging. This allows logging of DRC native disassembly without
    re-compiling [Oliver Stoneberg]

    calomega.c: Improve color emulation by analogy with tugboat.c (which
    is actually a heavily modified Cal Omega board) [Alex Jackson]

    SEGA YBoard: Mapping the port bits used to provide motor movement feedback
    [Felipe Sanches]

    naomi.c: redumped F355 [Andy Geezer]

    pci: A little more, reaches an unemulated pslldq at fd228 [O. Galibert]

    Converted the various Hard Drivin´ board types to be devices, allowing the side screens
    to be hooked up on Race Drivin´ Panorama, which is now close to working (the side
    screens fail when selecting one of the car types)
    [David Haywood]

    rspdrc: Added undocumented ops VADDB, VACCB, VSUBB, and VSUCB. [MooglyGuy]

    rspdrc: Fix crash on Linux when recompiling BREAK opcode. [MooglyGuy, Firewave]

    mips3: Fixed left-shift-of-signed-value issues. [MooglyGuy]

    rsp: Fixed left-shift-of-signed-value issues. [MooglyGuy]

    correct patches for drgw2hk [iq_132]

    OS/2 build fixes [KO Myung-Hun]

    upd7220: Bresenham line drawing [Carl]

    n64: Fix up how negative values are handled in VRSQL/VRCPL [MooglyGuy]

    rsp: Add VNOP, VNULL, and VRSQ instructions. [MooglyGuy]

    n64: Abort MIPS timeslice when unhalting RSP. Fixes many RSP tests. [MooglyGuy]

    segas18.c: Fill in the dipswitches for Hammer Away. [Brian Troha]

    rdp: Do LOD calculation even in 1-cycle mode. Fixes many tests. [MooglyGuy]

    mips3drc: Generate -0.0 for NEG.S/D of 0.0 as FNEG does not on x86 [MooglyGuy]

    mips3drc: Sign-extend ROUND.L, TRUNC.L, CEIL.L and FLOOR.L [MooglyGuy]

    rspdrc: Add destination address support to the BREAK opcode. [MooglyGuy]

    naomi.c: samba2k, ringout - correct maskrom size and labels [Arzeno Fabrice, MetalliC]

    Power Drift: Portbits for Limit & Safety switches

    G-LOC: Mapping portbits related to the moving cabinet limit switches.

    Galaxy Force II: Adding gforce_output_cb1 (the values written there seem
    to select the meaning of some of the PORTC bits related to motor control)

    Galaxy Force II: Mapping the port bits used to provide motor movement
    feedback signals such as Up/Down/Left/Right limit switches.

    i386: call with expand down stack [Carl]

    i386: GP fault with softint in v86 mode when iopl < 3 [Carl]

    twin16.c: Rewrite video mixing based on PAL equations. Fixes sprite-bg
    priority in Devil World intro, and in Vulcan Venture later stages
    and ending [Alex Jackson]

    pic8259: priority and sfnm [Carl}

    segaufo update: added better layouts + made ufo800 work + added upd
    sound to ufo21 + misc fixes [hap]

    Man pages (*nix): Fixed some typos and bumped version to 0.155

    Fixed Mametesters 05769 by reducing ATA flash card seek time to zero. [smf]

    naomi.c: kingrt66 use real MaskROM cart layout and labels instead of flashcart
    [Arzeno Fabrice]

    Handcrafted CPS-1 PALs for Area 88 and Strider PCBs. [Palindrome]

    i386: fix segment present check for calls to a TSS

    i386: mark tss busy [Carl]

    Convert PSX sio to use devcb. [smf]

    calchase: map Trident memory clock, video clock and LUTDAC registers

    Added Solar War as playable, but with issues. Layout needs work and coins
    do not operate in game. Therefore, game is set to Free Play by default.
    Also, renamed Solar Warrior (xain.c) from solarwar -> solrwarr to allow this
    original game to use the setname "solarwar". Added diplocations to both games.

    added command-line option -[no]snapbilinear to control binlinear filtering
    for snapshots (enabled by default). This is mainly for making testruns and
    debugging faster - could also be used to speed up -aviwrite usage though.
    [Oliver Stoneberg]

    upd7220: slanted chars [Carl]

    sonson.c: Correct Audio CPU clock for Son Son as measured on PCB. [Corrado Tomaselli]

    psychic5.c: Correct Audio CPU clock for Psychic 5 as measured on PCB. [Corrado Tomaselli]

    Verified clocks/vsync for Super Ranger and Air Buster. [Corrado Tomaselli]

    peplus.c: Add the CAPX2172 color prom to the Ace$ Bonus sets correcting color in those sets. [BrianT]

    Added -listnetwork option to list available network adapters

    winpcap: add WinPCap headers to the project;

    windows.mak: include WinPCap headers during Windows build; suppress MSVC debug build warning

    Altered FIRQ and NMI handling to improve Maygay M1 operation.

    Add remaining PAL from ´jumping´ sets [Porchy]

    naomi.c: [Arzeno Fabrice]
    - HOTD2 Proto BIOS added
    - Label correction for Club Kart Prize

    SDL: SDL2 is now the default except for OS/2 builds. [R. Belmont]

    USE_NETWORK Ethernet emulation is now enabled by default as per the roadmap. [R. Belmont]

    upd7220: better output for the compis and dmv [Carl]

    gts3.c : Added switches. After setting up, the games are playable.
    gts3.c : split into AN and DMD displays
    gts80b.c : Display is working. [Robbbert]

    model3: More rendering improvements [Ville Linde]
    - Draw transparent triangles in a separate pass
    - Implemented viewport priority

    calomega.c: Fill in some unknown dipswitches. [Brian Troha]

    amiga.c: use Aaron´s memory_array class for bytewidth-agnostic access to chip
    RAM, instead of a driver-specific implementation. Also store the custom chip
    registers in an array instead of a memory share [Alex Jackson]

    calchase.c: [Peter Ferrie]
    - Implemented missing DIP switch for Eggs Playing Chicken, promote to working.
    Press "S" to skip the CMOS error, "S" or wait to skip the emm386.exe error
    (not an emulation issue), use "Coin 2" to coin-up and start the game, and
    "1 Player Start" to brake.

    calchase.c, gamecstl.c, midqslvr.c, queen.c, savquest.c, taitowlf.c,
    voyager.c, xtom3d.c: [Peter Ferrie]
    - Intel component is not MXTC, it´s MTXC.

    intelfsh.c: [Jon Sturm]
    - Added support for AMD 29F400T, AMD 29F800T and FUJITSU 29F160T.

    darius.c: Add dipswitch locations to the Darius sets
    & give the newly added US set the correction coinage. [Brian Troha]

    Correct sound rom for ´tturf´ (Tough Turf (set 2, Japan, 8751 317-0104)) [ShouTime]

    Added region_ptr_finder, which works like shared_ptr_finder except it
    finds a ROM region instead of a memory share. Unlike the already
    existing memory_region_finder, these can be accessed without
    any overhead (since it´s a pointer directly to the data and not
    to the memory_region object), can be whatever data type you want
    with no casting needed, and are strictly type-checked--if you have
    a required_region_ptr the region has to be a ROM_REGION32
    (or an implicitly 32-bit region due to belonging to a device with
    a 32-bit bus) or the finder won´t find it and will tell you why.
    Basically, region_ptr_finders are strictly better than
    memory_region_finders and all drivers using the latter should be
    converted over [Alex Jackson]

    Converted many sound devices to use a required_region_ptr to find their
    sample ROMs instead of looking up the region manually in device_start().
    Note that this means that you can no longer get away with having e.g. an
    OKIM6376 without a ROM (as several slot machine skeleton drivers did);
    MAME will now complain at startup about the missing region, instead of
    just crashing the first time the chip tries to play a sound like it did
    before [Alex Jackson]

    twin16: Convert the scrolling layers to tilemaps (the fixed text
    layer was already one). Miscellaneous cleanups/modernizations [Alex Jackson]

    Don´t execute a timeslice before loading a savestate from the command line
    [Alex Jackson]

    supduck.c: Fill in Lives, Demo Sounds and Game Sound dipswitches as well as add
    dipswitch locations. [Brian Troha]

    Capcom updates: [any]
    - Fixed some incorrect info about the SF2 bootlegs and got them running better.
    - Dumped 8571 MCU from a bootleg Top Secret/Bionic Commando PCB.

    k054156: save state register all video RAM, including the optional "external
    linescroll RAM"; fixes Lethal Enforcers save states [Alex Jackson]

    more devfind: [Alex Jackson]

    i386: move initialisation of m_lock to i386_common_init(), so that it
    is always initialised.

    i6300esb: More more more [O. Galibert]

    New clones added
    Super Breakout (Canyon and Vertical Breakout, prototype) [Mariusz Wojcieszek]
    Cadash (Japan, version 2) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
    Cadash (Japan, oldest version) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union]
    Billiard Academy Real Break (Europe, older) [system11, The Dumping Union]
    Sauro (Recreativos Real S.A. license) [Edcross & Rockman (from Aumap)]
    Dunk Shot (Rev C, FD1089A 317-0022) [ShinobiZ & COY]
    Atari Tetris (bootleg set 3) [Guru]
    Fire Trap (US, set 2) [Corrado Tomaselli]
    Play Girls 2 (bootleg) [system11, The Dumping Union]
    Ave Fenix (Recreativos Franco) [Enricnes]
    Oriental Legend 2 (V101, China) [bytestorm] (not working)
    Knights of Valour 2 New Legend (V300, Taiwan) [bytestorm] (not working)
    Magic Bubble (Adult version, YS-0211 PCB) [caius, The Dumping Union]
    Battle Bakraid - Unlimited Version (China) (Tue Jun 8 1999) [Bill D, The Dumping Union]
    Vigilante (World, Rev E) [system11, The Dumping Union]
    Dragon World II (ver. 100H, Hong Kong [Hokg Kong]) [rtw] (not working)
    Player´s Edge Plus (X002173P+XP000038) Ace$ Bonus Poker [BrianT]
    Player´s Edge Plus (PP0040) Standard Draw Poker (International) [BrianT, Ken R]
    Player´s Edge Plus (PP0042) 10´s or Better [BrianT, Ken R]
    Player´s Edge Plus (PP0043) 10´s or Better (International, set 2) [BrianT, Ken R]
    Player´s Edge Plus (PP0060) Standard Draw Poker (set 3) [BrianT, Ken R]
    Player´s Edge Plus (PP0429) Joker Poker (Aces or Better, set 2) [BrianT, Ken R]
    Player´s Edge Plus (IVC006) Clear EEPROM Chip [BrianT]
    Player´s Edge Plus (Set004) Set Chip [BrianT]
    Player´s Edge Plus (KE0017) Keno [BrianT] (not working)
    Player´s Choice (MG0252) Multi-Game [BrianT] (not working)
    JT-104 [Unknown]
    Arkanoid Returns (Ver 2.02A 1997/02/10) [Bill D, The Dumping Union]
    Donkey Kong (Spanish Crazy Kong bootleg) [Marcos75 (from AUMAP)]
    Galaxy Monsters (Laguna S.A. Spanish bootleg of Space Invaders) [Arcade Vintage ( ), Ricky2001]
    Botanic (English / Spanish) [Arcade Vintage (( ), Ricky2001]
    Club Kart (Rev C) [Arzeno , The Dumping Union] (not working)
    Windjammer (021216) [MetalliC]
    Tron (Germany) [MikeMcBike]
    S.V.G. - Spectral vs Generation (M68k label V101TW) (ARM label V101TW, ROM 06/20/05 S.V.G V100) [ShouTime] (not working)
    Darius (US) [Andrew Welburn]
    Raiden 2 (Switzerland) [rtw, Smitdogg, Kranser, Mucci, Dullaron, B2K24, The Dumping Union]

    New Game Added
    Pit Boss Megatouch (9234-20-01) [Brian Troha, Mariusz Wojcieszek, The Dumping Union]
    Alien Invaders [Seth Soffer, David Haywood, Mariusz Wojcieszek]
    Hammer Away (prototype) [( Atro - from aka Rui Baptista )
    ( _rm_ - from aka Ricardo Marques)
    ( 1up - from aka Daniel "casebres" )]
    Solar War (Anonymous)
    Pop´n Music 1 (ver AA-A) [smf]
    Super Duck [system11, David Haywood]

    New NOT WORKING game added
    Western Dream (Yasuhiro, hap)
    Club Pacman [Roberto Fresca, ytsejam] (dual inputs not mapped)
    Sonic 2 (bootleg of Megadrive version) [caius, The Dumping Union]
    Cute Fighters [system11]

    New games/clones promoted from NOT_WORKING
    Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (UK 4 Players, set 3) [caius, The Dumping Union]

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    Really? I never have any issues updating the MAME sets. Always joins at the right percentage and updates the set fine with no messed up or duplicate files. I am using uTorrent though so if you are using your NAS torrent client that may cause issues for not understanding Torrentzip.

    The problem you will get with not updating every release is that you won't be able to seed the torrents to continue building credit because as soon as a new one is released the old ones fall dead. I would also be careful redownloading the whole torrent each time because PD frown upon this and can even ban members for it.

    If you haven't played a classic game in years, it's never too late to start!

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    I never updated a MAME set on my NAS, always using uTorrent.

    I joins quite ok, but when updating one release, I have some MB or GB more than the set actually is, then with further updates I suddenly have 5 GB more than the set actually is, so I guess then there are duplicates.

    Don't need to seed at PD, I'm currently at 6TB upload.

    I know about the redownloading at PD, but did it already several times, and nothing happened, didn't even get a mention or a warning.

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    Just make sure you seed any newly downloaded set until its uploaded 1:1 and also for at least 5 days so the share time goes green in your profile torrent list.

    I think they get annoyed if members download without fully sending back, or if they don't seed for at least a few days.

    If you haven't played a classic game in years, it's never too late to start!

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    Usually I always leave the MAME sets seeding until they're obsolete, meaning several weeks.

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