* * * Centron 3D for Amiga is now available for purchase. * * *

$12.00 AUD. PAL Ver.
Click HERE to order your Centron 3D today.
You will receive 2x Floppy Disks in the post once payment has been processed.
Thank you very much for purchasing Centron3D for Amiga.


Beta tested:
Tested all stages on the Amiga 500 v1.3, 600HD & 1200HD and all is working.
No bugs have shown up. Hahaha, Steve kept running over the mines and destroying
his Centron buggy. hahahaha. Good one Steve ! E for EFFORT !

Centron3D compatibility and minimum requirements:
Amiga 500 - 1MB Ram
Amiga 600HD - 2MB Chip Ram. Harddisk installable.
Amiga 1200HD - 2MB Chip Ram. Harddisk installable