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    PT-1210 Protracker Digital Turntable and create a audio mixer

    Did you guys saw this thing?

    "...PT-1210 Mk1 is a Protracker Digital Turntable, that is, a computer program that will let you play your Amiga Protracker module files (.MOD) as if you were playing with CDJ turntables. Think of it as Traktor for the Protracker generation.

    It runs on your Commodore Amiga and turns it in the ultimate tool for you to play live at shows and DJ sets. ..."

    I gave it a try and looks good.
    I would like to try it with 2 amigas, so i would like to connect both to the same audio amp.
    But i need to mix the 2. I don't have any sound mixer, so i will create one with simple potentiometers to join the 2 amiga sounds.

    I liked this example:

    I have order 4 potentiometeres from ebay and i will do it.
    I have tested with 1 small potentiometer that i use with arduino and it did work, i was able
    to lower the sound of left and right RCA output. But this potentiometer is realy small you need a screwdriver to turn the volume high/low. So i order 4 big rotary ones.
    This example he put some a resistance on each wire, i guess is to level and give stability to different kinds of input.

    Did any one you try something like this?
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    It seems really great.
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    I have tried It in my A1200 and is really fantastic and funny. Very good job!!

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