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    Help in valuating of two Amigas before sale

    Hi to all ClassicAmiga users
    Just made some cleaning in my basement and foud my 2 old Amigas.
    Could anyone help me in valuation of them for sale?
    1. Amiga 1200, kick 3.1, Tower Elbox case, Apollo 1240/33mhz, 32mb ram, Mediator PCI, Voodoo 3
    2. Amiga 1200, kick 3.1, Tower Elbox case, Apollo 1240/33 @40mhz, 16mb ram
    Both working fine, just not used for some years.
    I'm not in Amiga community for some years, and I'm wonder of real market value at this time before selling them.


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    the price of the Apollo cards could go much more then 140 euros
    A 1230 should go to 130 euros (Blizzard) sometimes more, so 1240 i guess will go even higher.
    The tower if in good shape could go higher then 45 euros, don't now how much more.

    I don't know but each case could go to 240 euros... i think
    You should go to there are a lot of people there buying and selling Amigas there. It should be the best place in the world to put a post with what do you want to sell, i bet you will get answers very fast...
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    I would say it is worth even more that Tiago estimates. It also depends if you want to sell them as 2 whole machines or split them into parts. Splitting them will make you more money, but it is always horrible to see something you have created be broken up and sold.

    Standard desktop A1200's sell for 50+

    An 040 accelerator is quite sort after. I would say around 180+ for the accelerators each.

    The Mediator and Voodoo 3 would probably be worth 150 at least on their own.

    Elbox Towers in good condition are easily 50, but can go for over 100.

    I would say Amiga 1 with the Mediator is easily worth 350-400 and Amiga 2 is probably 280-350.

    If you want to sell them definitely come over to Amibay and advertise them. We always like to see new members and new items for sale. I recommend starting with a higher price for a week, and if no interest then drop it lower until someone bites.

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