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    FS: Hundreds of boxed Amiga Games, CD32/CDTV/C64 games

    Hey lads and gents,

    I'm Jon Hare on AmiBay and I have for sale a lot of games for different systems, mainly Amiga boxed games. Even a few new and sealed ones like Chaos Engine, Flight of the Amazon Queen, Primal Rage AGA, Naughty Ones, Akira with T-Shirt for Amiga and CD32, Dawn Patrol, Total Carnage, Kid CHaos, Rise of the RObots CD32 etc

    There are also a few C64 or CD32 Titles (the CD32 games list is at the bottom). Just take a few minutes to go to this huge list Smile

    D/GER= german manual
    E/ENG= english manual
    F/FRA= french manual
    I/ITA= italian manual
    ESP= spanish manual

    If it's mixed like ENG/GER/FRA etc it's multilanguage manual.

    If you're interested in one or more titles just PM with your Email adress and I'll send pictures.


    Amiga Disk in CD Double Case:

    Sensible World of Soccer Update 96/97 STILL SEALED (Disk, two available) 22,50€

    Amiga Games:

    Paws of Fury
    World Games
    Division 1
    Vector Championship Run
    My funny Maze
    Table Tennis Simulator
    Player Manager
    Football Simulation
    SPace Legends
    Stone Age
    Star Trek -The Promethean Prophecy C64 Disk
    The Light Corridor NEW & SEALED
    Tee Off
    Strange New World
    Winter Camp
    Round the Bend

    1869 (compl. GER)
    1869 (D)
    1869 Hart am Wind (compl. GER)
    3D Construction Kit (D)
    3D Construction Kit (D)
    3D Construction Kit (no manual)
    4 Wheel Drive
    4D Sports Boxing (DEFI)
    4th & Inches (compl. ENG)
    688 Attack Sub (D)
    747 Advanced Airline Flight Simulator C64 Tape (E)
    9 Lives (DEFI)
    A320 Airbus (compl. GER)
    A320 Airbus Europe (compl. GER)
    A-Train (DE)
    Action Fighter (D)
    Action Fighter
    Addiction (E)
    ADS Advanced Destroyer Simulator (E)
    Advanced Ski Simulator (DEFI)
    Adventures of Robin Hood KIXX (D)
    Air Force Commander (manual GER/FRA)
    Air Land Sea (D)
    Airbus A320 (D)
    Airbus A320 USA Edtion (D)
    Airline C64 Disk (no manual)
    Akira (E)

    Akira Amiga WITH T-SHirt NEW & SEALED 40€
    Akira Amiga SEALED without T-Shirt (whyever) 25€

    Akira CD32 (E) without T-Shirt 35€

    Aladdin (ENG/GER/FRA/ITA/ESP)
    Alien Breed 3D AGA (DEFI)
    Alien Breed 3D (DEFI)

    All Dogs go to heaven (compl. ENG)
    AMAS Midi Amiga Sampler (E)
    Amos the creator (compl. English)
    Anstoss (D)
    APB All Points Bulletin (EI)
    Approach Trainer (D)
    Arcade Trivia Quiz (DEI)
    Archer MacLean’s Pool (D)
    Archipelagos (DEF)

    Armageddon Man C64 Disk (E)
    Armageddon Man (D)
    Around the World in 80 Days TOPSHOTS (DE)
    Art Department (E)
    Artura BUDGET

    Ashes ACTION SIXTEEN (GER version)
    Assassin (DEFI)
    Atomino (D)
    Atomino (EFI)
    Atomino SEALED
    Atron 5000
    Aufschwung Ost (D)
    Autoduel (E)
    AV-8B Harrier Assault (E)
    Axel’s Magic Hammer SEALED

    Backlash (manual GER/ENG)
    Bad Company (DEF) MINT
    Bad Company (manual ENG/GER/FRA)
    BAT II (manual GER)
    Batman small Box (DEF)
    Battle Command (compl. english)
    Battle Command (E)
    Battle Command (manual ENG/GER/FRA)
    Battle Command (manual ENG/GER/FRA)
    Battle for the Ashes (no manual)
    Battle Isle (manual GER)
    Battle Tech
    Battle Tech HITS
    Battle Valley (manual in GER/ENG/FRA)
    Beau Jolly Big Box (without Teenage Queen, no manual)
    Beau Jolly Big Box 2 (E)
    Beau Jolly Big Box C64 Disk (D)
    Bermuda Project (D)

    Big Birds Special Delivery C64 (E)
    Biing (D)
    Billiards Simulator (no manual)
    Billiards Simulator (no manual)

    Birds Of Prey (complete english)
    Birds of Prey (E)
    Black Jack Academy (E)
    Black Jack Academy (E)
    Black Lamp (compl. english)
    Black Lamp (E)
    Black Shadow (manual french)
    Blade Warrior (D)
    Blastar (D)
    Blastar (D)
    Blastaball (DEFI)
    Blasteroids (DEFI)
    Blasteroids (DEFI)
    Blasteroids (DEFI)
    Blazing Thunder (no manual)
    Blitzkrieg (E)
    Blob (manual GER/ENG/FRA/ITA
    Blob (manual GER/ENG/FRA/ITA)
    Blastaball (E)
    Body Blows (E)
    Body Blows (manual ENG/GER/FRA/ITA)
    Body Blows Galactic (E)
    Bonanza Bros (DEFI)
    Breathless (DEFI)
    Breathless (DEFI,ESP)
    Brutal Football (EFI)

    BSS Jane Seymour (E)
    Bubba & Stix (manual ENG/GER/FRA/ITA)
    Bubba 'n' Stix (manual ENG/GER/FRA/ITA)
    Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday (D)
    Budokan BUDGET (D)
    Bundesliga Manager C64 Disk (D)

    Bundesliga Manager Hattrick + Editor Disk (compl. GER)
    Bundesliga Manager Hattrick AGA (compl. GER)
    Bundesliga Manager Professional (D)

    Campaign (D)
    Campaign (manual GER, book ENG)
    Campaign II (no manual)
    Cannon Fodder (D)
    Cannon Fodder (E)
    Cannon Fodder (E)
    Cannon Fodder 2 (DEFI)
    Carl Lewis Challenge (D)
    Carrier Command (E)
    Carrier Command BUDGET (DEFI)
    Castles (D)
    Castles (D)
    Castles (D)
    Castles (E)
    Celtic Legends (DF)
    Celtic Legends (DF)

    Challenge Golf
    Champion of the Raj NEW & SEALED (complete GER)
    Championship Manager Italia (E)
    Chaos Engine (DEFI)
    Chaos Engine (E)
    Chaos Engine (no manual)
    Chaos Engine (no manual)
    Chaos Engine 2 (DEF)

    Chaos Engine 2 NEW & SEALED 30€
    Chuck Yeager’s Advanced Flight Trainer 2.0 + tape (E)
    Chubby Gristle (E)
    Chuck Yeagers Advanced Flight Trainer 2.0 + TAPE (D)
    Circus Attractions (DE)
    Citadel (E)

    Civilization (compl. german)
    Civilization (D)
    Civilization CD (compl. ENG)

    Classic Invaders (compl. ENG)

    Cloud Kingdoms (GER(FRA)
    Cloud Kingdoms (manual in GER/ENG/FRA)
    Cobra (DEF)

    Colossus Chess 2.0 C64 Tape (E)
    Combat Classics (D, Team Yankee manual missing)
    Combat Classics (manual GER)
    Conflict Europe (E)
    Conquestador Scenario (D)
    Continental Circus (no manual)
    Corkers Compilation (Blastar,Wonder Dog, Blastar, Cyberpunks) + Poster (DEFI)
    Chaos Engine (DEFI)
    Cosmic Pirate (E)
    Cosmic Pirate (manual GER/ENG/FRA)
    Craps Academy (E)
    Craps Academy (E)
    Cross Check (D)
    Cross Check Eishockey
    Cross Check(D)
    Curse of Ra (DEFI)
    D/Generation (DEFI)
    Dark Century
    Deluxe Paint L Cover (E)
    Demons Winter TOP SHOTS
    Dennis (DEFI)
    Der Clou (compl. german)
    Der Clou ECS
    Der Meister
    Der Patrizier
    Der Produzent AGA (D)
    Der Seelenturm (D)
    Descent IBM PC (no manual

    Devious Designs (no manual)
    Distant Armies (compl. ENG)
    Distant Armies (E)
    Double Dragon BUDGET

    Dynamite Düx (DEFI)
    Dynamite Düx (manual in GER/ENG/FRA/ITA)
    E-Motion (DEFI)
    Eagles Rider (DE)

    Edd the Duck (DE)
    Eishockey Manager
    Elfmania (DEFI)
    Elfmania (DEFI)
    Elite C64 Tape (D)
    Elvira (D)
    Embryo (DE)
    Embryo (DE)
    Embryo (DE)
    Empire Soccer 94 (compl. ENG)
    England Championship Special (E)
    England Soccer C64 Disk (DEFI)
    Erben Der Erde (compl. GER)
    Erben der Erde + CD (D)

    European Championship 1992 (E)
    European Football Champ (DEFI)
    Exolon (DF)
    Extensor (E)
    Extensor (DEF)
    Extensor NEW
    Eye of Horus + Poster (DEF)
    Eye of Horus (DEF)
    Eye of Horus (DEF)
    Eye Of Horus (DEF)
    Eye of Horus (DEFI)
    Eye Of Horus (manual ENG/GER/FRA)

    F/A 18 Interceptor (D)
    F/A-18 Interceptor (E)
    F-15 Strike Eagle 2 (E)
    F-16 (D)
    F-16 Combat Pilot (D)
    F-16 Combat Pilot (D)
    f-19 Stealth Fighter KIXX
    F-19 Strike Eagle (D)
    Face Off Ice Hockey (DFIS)
    Falcon (D)
    Falcon (D)
    Falcon Mission Disk II Firefight Action Sixteen (D)
    Falcon Mission Disk Operation Counterstrike (D)

    Federation of free Traders (E)
    Fields of Glory BUDGET
    Fields of Glory (D)
    FIFA International Soccer (manual GER)
    FIFA International Soccer (no manual)
    FIFA Soccer (D)
    Fighter Bomber
    Fighter Duel Corsair vs Zero (E)
    Fighter Duel Corsair vs Zero (E)

    Final Battle (D)
    Final Battle (E)
    Fire Zone (manual GER) in Alfred Chicken
    Fire! (manual ENG/GER/FRA)
    Fireblaster (DF)
    First Samurai / Mega Lo Mania (no manual)
    Fist Fighter (D)
    Fist Fighter (manual DE)
    Flies Attack on Earth (D)
    Flight of the Amazon QUeen NEW & SEALED (ENG) 25€

    Flight of the Intruder (D)
    Flip-It & Magnose (E)
    Flight Path 737 (E)
    Flight Simulator II - Hawaiian Odyssey (compl. english)
    Flip It & Magnose (german version)

    Flip it & Magnose (no manual
    Flyin’ High (DE)
    Flyin’ High (E)
    FOFT Federation of Free Traders (D)
    Football Manager 2 SEALED ATARI ST
    Formula One Grand Prix (D)
    Formula One Grand Prix (E)
    Formula One Grand Prix (manual GER)
    Formula One Grand Prix (Microprose) (compl. GER)
    Formula One Grand Prix MICROVALUE (DE)
    Forrest Dump (no manual)
    Frankenstein (E)
    Frontier Elite II (compl. ENG)
    Frontier Elite II (E)
    Galactic Conqueror (D)
    Galactic Empire
    Galaxy Force (DEFI)
    Galaxy Force (DEFI)
    Game Maker C64 Disk (complete ENG)
    Game Set and Match 2 (DEFI)
    Gateway to the Savage Frontier (D)
    Gear Works (E)
    Gemini Wing (DEI)
    GFL Championship Football (E)
    Gladiators (compl. english)
    Global Commander (compl. ENG) + Sticker + Map

    Go Crazy C64 Disk (Bad Cat, Desolator, Side Arms, Jinks, Bedlam, Shackled) (no manual)
    Go Player
    Gold of the Americas (E)
    Gold oft the Aztecs (D)

    Golf (D)
    Graeme Sourness Vector Soccer (DEFI)
    Graeme Sourness Vector Soccer (DEFI)
    Graham Taylors Soccer Challenge (E)

    Grand Prix (E)
    Grand Prix (E) POWERPLUS
    Grand Prix Circuit (GER)
    Grand Stand C64 (DF)
    Gravity (compl. engl.)
    Gravity (D)
    Gravity (D)
    Grid Start (DE)
    Grover’s Animal Ad (E)
    Guardian (E)
    Guardian Angel (DEFI)
    Gunship (E)
    Gunship 2000 (D)
    Gunship 2000 (D)
    Hammerfist (DEFI)
    Hannibal (manual GER)
    Hanse AGA (D)

    Hard Drivin‘ (DEFI)
    Harley Davidson (E)

    Harpoon (DEFI)
    Harpoon Scenario (E)
    Hattrick (D)
    Heavy Metal (E)
    Heavy Metal Hero TOP SHOTS
    Heimdall 2 (DEFI)
    HELP! (compl. english)
    Heroes (manual GER)
    Hexuma (D)
    Hexuma (no manual) + Poster
    Hill Street Blues
    Hillsea Lido (E)
    Hillsfar (D)
    Hillsfar (E
    History Line 1914-1918 (D)

    Home Alone (manual GER/ENG)
    Hotshot (DEFI)
    Future Dreams (DEFI)

    Hoversprint (no manual)
    Hungary for Fun (DE)

    Hunt for Red October C64 (E)
    Hydra (manual GER/FRA)
    Hyperforce (manual ENG/GER/FRA/ITA)
    Hyperion (DE)
    I Ludicrus (E)

    iBrowse (E)
    Imperium (no manual)
    In 80 Days around the World TOPSHOTS (DE)
    Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis (D)

    Infestation BUDGET (DEFI)
    International 3D Tennis
    International Karate + HIT SQUAD (E)

    International Sensible Soccer (DEFI)
    International Sports Challenge (DFS)
    Interphase (manual GER)
    Interphase (manual GER)

    Invest C64 Disk (D)

    Ishido (E)
    It came from the Desert

    Italy 1990
    Jack Attack Plus/4 (DEFI)
    Jack Nicklaus Golf (D)
    Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 holes of Major Championship Golf (E)
    Jack Nicklaus Unltd Golf (compl. ENG)
    Jagd auf Roter Oktober (compl. german)
    Jagd auf Roter Oktober (D)
    Jagd auf Roter Oktober (D)
    Jaktar der Elfenstein UNUSED (manual GER
    James Pond BUDGET (DEFI)
    Jet (D)
    Jet (E)
    Jet by Sublogic (compl. ENG)
    Jigsaw Mania
    Joe & Mac Caveman Ninja (DEFI)
    John Barnes European Football
    John Madden Football (E)
    Jonathan (D)
    Jump Jet (DEF)
    Jumping Jackson ATARI ST (DEF)

    Jungle Strike (ENG/GER)
    Jurassic Park AGA (compl. english)
    Jurassic Park ECS (DEFI)
    Jurassic Park (DEFI)
    Karting Grand Prix (DEF)
    Keef the Thief (ENG)

    Khalaan (german manual)
    Kid Chaos NEW & SEALED 30€

    Kingpin (DEFI)
    Kingpin (ENG/GER/FRA/ITA)
    Kingsoft Sextett I Plus/4 (D)

    Kingsoft Sextett III Plus/4 (D)

    Klax (DEFI)
    Klax (DEFI)
    Knights of the Sky (E)
    König der Löwen (DE)
    König Der Löwen (manual GER, reference card GER/ENG/FRA)
    Labyrinth des Schreckens C64

    Larry III (E)
    Labyrinth des Schreckens C64

    Larry III (E)

    Larry III (E)
    Leader Board (EF)
    Leather Goddessess of Phobos (E)

    Legend of Kyrandia (D)
    Lemmings (DE)
    Lemmings (manual ENG/GER/FRA/ITA)
    Lemmings (manual in GER/ENG/FRA/ITA)
    Lemmings 2 (D)
    Lemmings 2 (D)
    Lemmings 2 (D)
    Lemmings 2 The Tribes
    Leonardo C64 Tape (D)
    Let’s Count (E)
    Liberation Day PC (compl. GER)
    Licence to Kill (E)
    Life & Death
    Light Corridor (DEFI)
    Light Corridor (DEFI)
    Limes + Napoleon (compl. ENG)

    Lin Wu’s Challenge (no manual)
    Linneker Collection C64 (DEFI)
    Lionheart ToPSHOTS (D)
    Lombard Rally (E)
    Loopz (compl. ENG)
    Lucas Arts Classic Collection Adventure (no manual)
    Magic Fly (compl. ENG) in WORLD CUP USA
    Magic Fly (D)
    Magic Lines (D)
    Manchester United Double (E)
    Manchester United Europe (D)
    Manix (DEFI)
    Manix (DEFI)
    Marblelous (D)
    Market Forces (E)
    Marvin’s Marvellous Adventure (I)
    Marvin's marvellous adventure (compl. english)
    Marvins Marvellous Adventures (no manual)
    Master Blazer (DE)
    Master Blazer (manual ENG/GER/FRA/ITA)
    Master Sound (compl. english)
    Mayday Squad Heroes (E)
    Mc Arthurs War C64 Disk (E)
    Mean 18 Golf (compl. ENG)
    Mean 18 Ultimate Golf (E)
    Mean Arenas
    Mega Motion (DE)
    Mega Sports (D)
    Mega Sports SEALED
    Mega Traveller 2
    Mega Traveller 2 (D)
    Megafortress (E)
    Microplay Classic Trilogy (Midwinter, Carrier Command, Straglider II) (E)
    Microcosm CD32 (D,I,ESP)
    Midwinter Flames of Freedom (D)
    Midwinter II Flames of Freedom (D)
    Mig 29 Soviet Fighter (D)
    Mig-29 Fulcrum (E)
    Might&Magic III (compl. GER)
    Mindbender (manual ENG/GER/FRA/ITA)
    Mini Golf Plus (DE)
    Minskies The Abduction (E)
    Monkey Island 2 KIXX (compl. english)
    Monkey Island 2 KIXX (compl. english)

    Morpheus (D)
    Mortal Kombat (E)
    Mortal Kombat (E)
    Motor Bike Madness (E)
    Motor Massacre (EF)
    Movie Premiere (D)
    Moviesetter (D)
    Mr. Nutz (DEFI)

    Multitops C64 Disk (D)
    Napoleon I (E)
    Nick Faldos Championship Golf (compl. ENG)
    Nick Faldo's Championship Golf (ENG/FRA)
    Nigel Mansell (DEFI)
    Nigel Mansell (manual ENG/GER/FRA/ITA)
    Nigel Mansell Grand Prix (Martech) (E)
    Nightmare on Elm Street C64 (E)
    No.1 Collection (Rings of Medusa, Invest, Transworld) (compl. GER)

    Oil Imperium ohne Poster (DE)
    Oil Imperium C64 + Poster (DE)
    Oil Imperium ohne Poster (DE)

    Oldtimer (D)
    Oldtimer AGA (compl. GER)

    Oldtimer MS DOS (D)

    Oldtimerv Amiga CD Rom SEALED

    Omnicron Conspiracy (DEFI)

    On The Ball Special Edition (E)
    On The Ball World Cup Edition (E)
    On the Road (compl. German)
    On the Road (D)
    Operation Spruance (compl. Egnlish

    Operation Thunderbolt

    Oriental Games (compl. english)
    OS 3.5 with Tyschtschenko signature (DE)
    Overrun by SSI (E)

    Pacific Islands (compl. english)
    Pacific Islands (D)
    Pacific Islands (manual GER)
    Panzer Battles C64 (E)
    Primal Rage (DEFI,ESP)
    Passing Shot NEW
    Peter Beardsley’s International Football (E)
    PGA European Tour Golf (DE)
    PGA European Tour Golf CD32 (DE)
    PGA Tour Golf (manual GER)
    PGA Tour Golf (manual german)
    Phantasie Bonus Edition (E)

    Pinball Brain Damage (DE)
    Pinkie (manual ENG/FRA/GER/ITA)
    Pixie and Dixie (manual ENG/GER/FRA/ITA)
    Pizza Connection (no manual)
    Planetfall (E)
    Player Manager 2 (E)
    Populous & Promised Lands BUDGET

    Populous 2 Plus Edition (E)
    Populous II (manual german)
    Power Drift (DEFI)
    Power Drive (DEFI)
    Power Drive (ENG/GER/FRA/ITA)
    Power Struggle
    Power Struggle (D)
    Power Struggle (D)
    Powermonger (D)
    Powermonger (D)
    Powermonger (DEFI)
    Powerplay Arcana
    Powerplay the Game of the Gods (DEF,ESP)
    Premier Collection II (Eliminator,Mercenary,Custodian,Backlash) (DEF)
    Premier Manager (compl. english)
    Premier Manager 3
    Premier Manager 3 (ENG/GER)
    Print Fit (E)
    Pro Boxing Simulator (E)
    Pro Soccer 2190
    Pro Soccer 2190 (manual in GER/ENG/FRA)
    Pro Tennis Simulator (D)
    Prospector (DEF)
    Purple Saturn Day

    Pyramax MINT (manual DEFI)

    Quadralien (manual GER/FRA/ENG)
    Quadralien (no manual)
    Quartz (E)
    Qwak (DEFI)
    Racing Masters (D)
    Racing Masters C64 Disk (D)
    Railroad Tycoon BUDGET (D)
    Rainbow Warrior (compl. English)
    Red Baron (manual GER)
    Red Storm Rising
    Renaissance (DEFI)
    Return to Genesis (E)

    Rings of Medusa BUDGET (D)
    Rings of Medusa Gold (manual GER)

    Ringside (no manual)
    Ringside (E)
    Rise of the Robots (DEFI ESP)
    Rise of the Robots CD32 NEW & SEALED
    Rise of the Robots (DEFI)
    Rise of the Robots (DEFI,ESP)
    Rise of the Robots (DEFI,ESP)
    Roadwar 2000 (E)
    Roadwar ATARI ST
    Roadwars (DEF) MINT
    Roadwars C64 Disk (E)
    Robocop 3 (DEFI)
    Robocop 3 BUDGET
    Robosport (E)
    Robozone (DEF)
    Romper Room C64 Disk & Spectrum 48k (E)
    Room 10 C64 (manual on game screen)
    Ruff and Reddy (DEFI)
    Rugby The World Cup (DEFI)
    RVF Honda SEALED
    Sabre Team (E)
    Sarakon (D)
    Sarakon (manual GER)
    Sargon III ATARI ST (manual german)
    Scrabble (E)
    Scramble Spirits (DEFI)
    Sea Speller (E)
    Shadow Sorcerer
    Shadowlands (DEFI)
    Shiftrix (D)
    Shinobi BUDGET (DE)
    Siegfried Antivirus + Dongle (D)

    Sierra Soccer (ENG/GER/FRA/ITA)
    Sim City (compl. ENG)
    Sim City (DEF)
    Sim City Future Cities
    SIM Classics (D)
    Sim Eart
    Sim Earth HIT SQUAD
    Sim Life (complete english)
    Sim Life (D)
    Sim Life (D)
    Sim Life IBM PC (D)
    Slabs (no manual)
    Slaygon (E)
    Sleepwalker (compl. english)
    Slip Stream (compl. English) in ELVIRA
    Snowball in Hell (E)
    Soccer Stars (E)
    Solitaire Royal (E)
    Soul Crystal (D)
    Space Harrier II
    Space Quest I KIXX (D)
    St. Dragon (DIE)
    Space Hulk (D)
    Space Job
    Space Job (manual GER)
    Space Quest IV (D)
    Spirit of Adventure (D)
    Spy vs Spy Island Caper (DE)
    Star Crusader (compl. ENG)
    Star Crusader (E)
    Starball (DIE)
    Starblade (manual ENG/GER)

    Starblaze (DEF)
    Star-Blaze (DEF)
    Stardust (DEFI)
    Starglider 2 (D)
    Starlord (D)
    Starlord (D)
    Startrash (DE)
    Sharkeys Moll (DIE)
    Stereo Master (no manual)
    Stereo Master + Dongle
    Steve Davis World Snooker (compl. ENG)
    Steve Davis World Snooker (E)
    Street Hockey (DEFI)
    Street Hockey (E)
    Street Hockey SEALED
    Street Sports EPYX
    Streetgang TOP SHOTS (DE)
    STUN RUNNER Budget (compl. ENG)
    Suicide Mission (ENG/GER/FRA)
    Summer Camp (manual ENG/GER)
    Super Monaco GrandPrix (manual in GER/ENG/FRA/ITA)
    Super Quintet (E)
    Super Quintet SEALED
    Super Ski 2 (D)
    Super Skidmarks (E)
    Super Tennis Champs (E)
    Supremacy (compl. ENG)
    Supreme Challenge Flight Command (manual GER)
    Suspicious Cargo (DE)
    Syndicate (E)

    Tag Team Wrestling (DE)
    Tanglewood (compl. ENG)
    Tangram (EF)
    Tank Platoon
    Team Suzuki
    Team Yankee (compl. english)
    Team Yankee (compl. english)
    Techno Sound Turbo (compl. GER)
    Techno Sound Turbo + Hardware (D)
    Technosound Turbo 2 (D)
    Terramex (E)
    The Adventures of Robin Hood BUDGET
    The Adventures with Supremacy/Corporation/Hunter (DEF)
    The Armageddon Man (compl. ENG)
    The Armageddon Man (D)
    The Ball Game
    The Ball Game (manual ENG/GER/FRA/ITA)
    The Ball Game C64 Tape (DEFI)
    The Beatles (E) C64

    The Box (D)
    The Chaos Engine (DEFI,ESP)
    The Curse of Ra TOPSHOTS (DE))
    The Incredible Crash Dummies (DEFI)
    The Killing Cloud
    The Kristal (copied manual DEF)
    The Kristal (DEF)
    The Kristal (DEF)
    The Munsters (DEFI)

    The Perfect General (E)
    The Power Collection (Xenon 2,TV Sports Football,RAC Rally,Bloodwych) (D)
    The Second World (D)
    The Ultimate RPG PC DOS CD Rom (D)
    The Winning Team Compilation
    Theatre of Death (compl. ENG)
    Theatre of Death (DEI)
    Theatre of Death (GER/FRA/ITA)
    Their finest hour (compl. english)
    Their finest hour (E)
    Theme Park (compl. English)
    Theme Park (D)
    Theme Park (E)
    Theme Park (manual GER)
    Theme Park AGA (manual german)
    Three Stooges BUDGET (D)
    Thunder Jaws C64 DISK VERSION
    Thunderhawk AH73 (manual GER)
    Thunderhawk AH-73M (manual GER)
    Thunderstrike (DEF)
    Thyphoon Thompson (D)
    Tink Tonk Tak goes to Town (E)
    Tink Tonk Tonk in the Land of buggy buddy bots (E)
    TNT Compilation (Hard Drivin’, APB, Toobin, Xybots, Dragon Spirit) (EI)
    TNT Collection (APB,Toobin,Dragon Spirit,Xybots,Hard Drivin’) (EI)
    TNT Collection (APB,Toobin,Dragon Spirit,Xybots,Hard Drivin’) (EI)
    Top 10 (DEF)
    Top Gear 2 AGA (DEFI
    Tornado (D)
    Tornado (D)
    Tornado Ground Attack (E)
    Total Football (compl. ENG)
    Tournament Golf (manual ENG/GER/FRA/ITA)
    Tracers (E)
    Tracers (E)
    Triple Action (DE)
    Triple Fun (D)
    Troddlers (DEFI)

    Trolls (DEFI)
    Turn It (manual GER) + Backup
    TV Sports Boxing (manual ENG/GER/FRA)
    Twin Turbos (E)
    Typhoon (no manual)
    UFO Enemy Unknown (D)
    UMS II Nations at War (D)
    Universal Warrior
    Universe (no manual)
    Untouchables (DEF)
    USS John Young (compl. ENG)
    USS John Young C64 (manual GER) in Street Fighter II KIXX
    Utopia (DI)
    Utopia (ENG/FRA)
    Utopia (manual ENG/FRAU, Tutorial book in manual GER/ENG/FRA/ITA)
    Utopia New Worlds (DEFI)

    Valhalla C64 Tape
    Victory (D)
    Virocop (DEFI)

    Virus (E)
    Virus Killer
    Vision the 5th Dimension Utopia (D)
    Vital Light (DEFI)
    Vital Light (manual ENG/GER/FRA/ITA)
    Vital Light
    Voyager (DE)
    V-Titler (D)
    Wacky Races (DEFI)

    Wall Street Wizard (D)
    Wall Street Wizard Scenario (D)
    Wallstreet Wizard (D)
    War Machine (E)
    Warhead (ENG/GER/FRA/ITA)

    Warlock’s Quest (DEF)
    Warp (compl. ENG)
    Warp (E)
    Warp (no manual)
    Warzone (DEF)
    Watchtower (DEFI)
    Waterloo (F)
    Waxworks (manual GER)

    Welltris (DEFI)
    Wheels of Fire (DF)
    Wheels of Fire (no manual)
    Wicked (DEF) MINT
    Wild Wheels (no manual)
    Willy Beamish (E)

    Wing Commander (compl. engl.)
    Wing Commander (compl. english)
    Wing Commander (compl. english)
    Wing Commander (D)
    Wing Commander (D)
    Winners Collection (LED Storm etc) (DEI)
    Winter Games C64 Tape (DE)
    Winter Olympics (DEFI,ESP)
    Winzer (D)
    Wizardry Cosmic Forge
    Wizball HITSQUAD (compl. ENG)
    Wolfchild (DEF)
    Wonder Dog (manual ENG/GER/FRA/ITA)
    Wonderland (E)

    World Championship Soccer
    World Championship Soccer (DEFI) MINT
    World Class Cricket
    World Cricket (DE)
    World Cup USA (manual GER/ENG/FRA/ITA)
    World Cup USA 94 (manual in GER/ENG/FRA/ITA)
    World Cup Year 94
    World Darts (E)
    Worlds of Legend - Son of Empire ACTION SIXTEEN (compl. ENG)
    Worms (DEFI)
    Worms (DEI)
    Worms (ENG/GER/FRA/ITA)
    Worms (ENG/GER/ITA)
    Worms (ENG/GER/ITA)
    Worms (DEI)
    Wrangler (manual ENG/GER/FRA/ITA/ESP)
    WWF European Rampage (DEFI)
    WWF European Rampage (DEFI)
    WWF European Rampage (ENG/GER/FRA/ITA)
    WWF-European Rampage (compl. eng.)
    X Copy + Tools + Dongle (D)

    Xenomorph (D)
    Xiphos (compl. ENG)
    Xonox Double (DEFISH)
    X-Out C64 Disk
    Yolanda (DEFI)

    Zak McKracken ATARI ST

    Zeewolf (DEF)
    Zeppelin (D)
    Zeppelin (D)
    Zool (DEFI)
    Z-Out (DE)
    Z-Out (DE)
    Zuma Fonts (E)
    Zyconix (DEF)

    CD32 Games BIG BOX:

    Akira CD32 BIG BOX without T-Shirt 30€
    Akira CD32 BIG BOX SEALED (seal broken) with T-Shirt CD32 60€
    Clockwiser BIG BOX CD32 80€
    Rise of the Robots BIG BOX STILL SEALED CD32 20€
    Rise of the Robots CD32 BIG BOX 15€
    Microcosm BIG BOX CD32 15€
    PGA European Tour Golf 12€

    CD32 Games Jewel Case (original):

    Striker NEW AND SEALED CD32 (10 available) 7,50€
    John Barnes European Football NEW AND SELAED CD32 (2 available) 9€
    The Chaos Engine CD32
    Cannon Fodder CD32 15€
    Mathematik leicht gemacht CD32 9€
    Guardian CD32 STILL SEALED (4 available) 16€
    Guardian CD32 12€
    Gamers Delight CD32 10€
    Power Games CD32 10€
    Mean Arenas CD32 (3 available) 6€
    Emerald Mines CD32 39€
    Alfred Chicken CD32 (2 available) 6€
    Gamers Delight 2 CD32 10€
    CD32 Photo Lite 8€
    CD32 Communicator II CD 12,50€
    Morph CD32 NEW AND SEALED (4 available) 9€
    Sensible Soccer European Chamions CD32 (5 available) 9€
    Bump'n Burn CD32 10€
    Chambers of Shaolin CD32 25€
    Diggers/Oscar CD32 (3 available) 5€
    Dangerous STreets / Wing Commander CD32 12,50€
    Pinball Fantasies CD32 15€
    Summer Olympix CD32 17€
    Whale's Voyage CD32 12€
    Dragonstone CD32 19€
    Top 100 Games CD32 12€
    Total Carnage CD32 9€
    Nick Faldos Championship Golf CD32 (2 available) 5€
    Global Effect CD32 13€
    Nigel Mansells World Championship CD32 8€
    Marvins Marvellous Adventure CD32 9€
    Theme Park CD32 9€
    Pierre le Chef is out to lunch CD32 15€
    Zool CD32 9€
    Bubba 'n Stix CD32 (2 available) 10€


    Fractal Universe CDTV STILL SEALED 25€ (3 available)
    17 Bit Collection CDTV NEW and SEALED (3 available) 6€
    17 Bit Continuation Disk CDTV NEW AND SEALED (3 available) 6€

    Amiga CD ROM:

    Trapped STILL SEALED (4 available) 17,50€
    Trapped 12€
    Trapped 2 15€
    Foundation Directors Cat AMIGA 10€
    The Amiga Game Guide AMIGA 12€
    The Strangers AMIGA CD ROM STILL SEALED (3 available) 12€
    Mogel CD by TGV Haupt AMIGA CD ROM 12,50€
    Amiga Classix 2 AMIGA AND PC CD ROM 9€
    Nemac IV Directors Cut AMIGA CD ROM 9€
    Myst AMIGA CD ROM 9€
    Elastic Dreams AMIGA CD ROM 9€
    Lightwave 3D AMIGA CD ROM 9€
    Gigantic Games AMIGA CD ROM 12,50€


    Clockwiser CD32 25€
    Microcosm CD32 5€
    UFO Enemy unknown CD32 10€
    Dangerous Streets / WIng Commander CD32 10€
    Vital Light CD32 9€


    Syndicate CD32 10€



    Up to 500gr = 5,50€ as tracked shipping WORLDWIDE
    Up to 1000gr = 9,50€ as tracked shipping WORLDWIDE
    Up to 2kg = 11€ tracked shipping within EU
    1001gr - 2000gr = 19€ tracked shipping to NON EU
    Up to 5kg to EU = 17€
    Up to 10kg to EU = 22€

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    Good luck with the sales.

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