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    Which is the best 3DS flash cards? Gateway 3DS, R4i Gold 3DS or 3DSLink ?

    I just get a new 3DS console ,and want to buy a flash cards like the old R4DS to save some money.

    and goolged, there are some flash cards, such as Gateway 3DS, R4i Gold 3DS and 3DSLink.

    Gateway 3DS is about half expensive than R4i Gold 3DS and 3DSLink,
    is it really much better?
    You can check the price at
    wish some one can explain.

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    If all you want is playing nds games or homebrew,then choose r4i gold 3ds,this is the best r4 card as well as most famous flash kit in the market,if you want play 3ds games, check your N3DS firmware whether stayed on V4.1-4.5 and the best 3ds game card was gateway 3ds, got my gateway 3ds from, I've been using them for half a year and I haven't had a single issue.if the gateway 3ds lands outside of your price range,then you can buy mt-card ,this card has similar function with gateway,but price is cheaper than it.

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