I have an Amiga 1000 worked for a minute, I inserted the kickstart disk and I got the insert workbench screen. However the image was weird, it traveled downwards. We thought the monitor was to new or something.

I inserted a 256 memory expansion and tried to power it again. Nothing happened. the left power LED is constant RED, no blinking. There is no sound, no image, no floppy noises. We removed the 256 memory expansion, same thing.

Something must have broken in the first time we powered it on. I looked on the board, it seems ok, capacitors are all good, chips are all pushed in.

I have a spare Amiga 500 with all the chips, can try some of the Amiga 500 chips like Denise in the Amiga 1000 to say test if one of them is shorted?

Please help debug this problem, I would love to add this Amiga 1000 to my collection.