Is anyone playing Guild Wars 2?

I just started playing it this week. Having been a huge fan of the original, playing it for hundreds of hours across all of its expansions I decided to finally try the sequel, and so far I'm really liking it. I had interended playing it from release, but have had too much else going on, plus a little game called SWTOR grabbing my free time.

It's less restrictive than the original, with a more true to MMO persistent open world, rather than the original's instanced world with multiplayer hubs. It does however feel like the packing is much slower as I'm still within the starting area after over an hour and still have much to do, although even this area isn't small, and zooming out of the world map it looks like it will take far longer then the original to transverse and explore most parts.

As the game is set further into the future, compared to the original, I'm looking forward to seeing some of the locations I remember, to see how the wars have changed them.

It's also cool that you can play as a Charr this time.

however I've initially opted for a new race called the Sylvari that are plant based and entwined with magic, so I've created an Elementalist as my first character, just as I did with the original... and it was my most enjoyable character. I've never been into tank combat character, but the huge Norns do look interesting to create a Warrior or Guardian later. Although the next will probably be a Necromancer as I do love raising the dead!