i was out for some time, i had some projects that took my time.

I am running my magazine here in Portugal (revistapushstart.com) and we are growing up a bit.
We did some interviews in last months with Naughty dog; Peter Harris from Fhantasmagoria even Ron Gilbert!

I am receiving games for free from the agencies here that support Nintendo, Sony and others, so we are getting the good way, we just don't go higher because it's a 2nd job. All of us (less then 15 people) are working in a main job and this gets to 2nd place.

Anyway in the last weeks i was doing some stuff in Arduino:

like this one, i created a clock with a real real time clock RTC, and Android to set the time up with wireless.
I used a coin cell to back up time, and a crystal oscillator to give the time to RTC.

About the rest, well, Portugal is in deep shxx, i still have a job... don't know how much more time.
Regards to you all