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    Your thoughts on Shadoworlds

    Hello Dave (and others if they happen to read this),

    I would like to add another game to my Amiga collection and I have been looking at a variety of games such as Shadow of the Beast 3 which setting I still find very intriguing, several Cinemaware games such as Rocket Ranger, Defender of the Crown, Lords of the Rising Sun, Bermuda Project (well the premise sounds good though the game looks rather average), and Shadoworlds which has caught my interest because it is a sci-fi RPG and I am a very big sci-fi fan.

    Unfortunate my budget is a bit limited on the moment and I can only afford Shadoworlds.
    I have given this game a try as an abandonware site had it complete pre installed in Dosbox, the interface though is a little clunky and one of my characters died not because the game was hard but because I could not find out how to make him/her fight back.

    Still regarding old school gaming it looks very nice and for that reason I might still pick it up.
    I would like to know what other people think of it though as it may help me make my decision on purchasing it or not.
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