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    WinUAE 2.5.1 Betas

    Beta 1:

    - Internal mouse counter under/overflow fixed, while moving mouse far enough, mouse jumped in opposite direction. (old bug)
    - Directory filesystem file modification date resolution support is now 1 microsecond (was 1 second). AmigaDOS file time 1/50s "tick" resolution is now fully supported (if NTFS, FAT only has 2 second resolution)
    - 1G RTG RAM was detected as "too large". (early 250 beta)
    - ClipCursor() was not always called, it was possible for hidden Windows mouse to move outside of WinUAE window in some situations. (250b24)
    - RTG aspect ratio still affected filter panel aspect ratio setting. (b26 update was not complete)
    - _UAEFSDB.___ meta data files (stores illegal names, protection flags and comments if non-stream capable filesystem like FAT) havenīt worked correctly for a long time.
    - _UAEFSDB.___ wasnīt always deleted when it become empty.
    - Unminimizing unpaused emulation when "pause when mouse is uncaptured" was enabled.
    - If win32.guikey config entry is set, normal GUI key (F12) events wonīt open the GUI anymore.
    - Always reset special monitor active flag (A2024/Graffiti) when display mode changes, fixes A2024 mode position when window needs to reopen but resolution didnīt change.
    - Improved windowed mode bottom statusbar height calculation, fixes two pixel gap in Windows Vista classic mode.
    - Fixed Amiga-side illegal memory access when booting directory harddrive(s) under KS 1.3.
    - Reset GUI/emulation display when Windows desktop state changes (Theme change etc..)
    - Removed remains of unused AROS CDFS support code.
    - Compiled using MSVC 2012 with update 1 installed.

    2.5.1 beta series.

    This is usual quick 2.5.0 bug fix version. Estimated release date: before Christmas.
    I try not to do any GUI changes this time, 2.5.0 translation DLLs should still work with 2.5.1.


    Allowed posts in this thread:

    - bug reports but make sure bug is NOT in previous offical version. (Old bug -> separate thread)
    - comments and suggestion about new features in betas or changed feature in beta. (missing feature or old feature which has not been changed in latest beta series -> separate thread)

    Everything else will be deleted, no questions asked. (includes offtopic posts, discussion about pros and cons of public beta testing etc..)

    Misc notes:

    - "not working" is not a bug report -> instadelete
    - always include name of the program. "Everything" or "most games" fail is not a bug report!
    - always use quickstart settings. Non-QS setting reports will be ignored unless there is reason why quickstart isnīt good idea but still test using quickstart just to confirm! (unless it needs some HD highend config)
    - always check logs (both winuaebootlog.txt and winuaelog.txt, donīt forget to enable logging in misc-panel) for possible error or warning messages.
    - remember to include PC specs + Windows version (if asked)
    - graphics error -> include screenshot.
    - disk based program -> include CRC32 (mouse over disk history arrow down button will show CRC32) of the image(s) (or SPS ID or full tosec name if from latest set). Plain name of the game is NOT generally enough! (usually there are different cracks, trainers etc..)

    As usual, betas may destroy your PC and your sanity

    This thread is for general discussion (bad/good/stupid idea/whatever, no trolling or flaming) about public beta testing.

    Beta test related PMs or emails will be generally ignored.
    - - - Updated - - -

    Beta 2:

    - Resuming pause with input event didnīt restore sound. (b1)
    - Do not capture mouse when theme changes, keep pause state (Window may not get refreshed until unpaused, this wonīt be fixed until later) (b1)
    - Windows mouse mode and mouse not captured: right, middle and other possible extra mouse buttons leaked to Amiga side.
    - Fixed GUI JIT slider weird behavior when cache size slider was moved to zero.
    - Windowed mode status bar appeared in full window modes after mode change (b1)
    - Epson matrix color printing swapped red and blue fixed. (Printing only, png output worked)
    - Fixed 68010 + cycle-exact broken interrupt handling. (This is not recommended option, it is far from cycle-exact)
    - Optimized build (official b1) had wrong settings, didnīt load on Windows XP.

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    Beta 3:

    - bsdsocket was initialized too early, didnīt configure if memory config changed due to not enough physical memory etc.. (old bug)
    - 32-bit Windows memory reservation limit was too small, some old configs had more memory available under 2.4.x and older versions (2.5)
    - Crash dump file is written to data path or TEMP if winuae.exe directory is write protected.
    - Do not crash if sound is enabled and number of sound output devices is zero.
    - Archive directory filesystem crash fixed (b1)
    - SCSI emulation READ commands returned data from wrong track (following track if CD had more than 1 tracks). Argh.
    - Back to MSVC 2010, 2012 seems to have some optimization and XP compatibility issues to solve, later..
    Beta 4:

    - Floppy read/write checkboxes didnīt work (b1 filesystem update)
    - Writing to Maprom region crashed in JIT mode, ROM protection introduced in 25b6 is now disabled when maprom address is queried for the first time.
    - Inserting or ejecting USB game controller removed all Game Ports panel custom mappings. (older bug)
    - Only attempt to mount dragged zip as a harddrive if harddrive emulation is enabled, if no harddrives, attempt to insert as a disk image in DF0:.
    - Some mouse tweaks when fullscreen mode on secondary monitor positioned on left side of primary monitor (negative coordinates).
    - Harddrives panel CD file selection box file name was truncated if path contained "][" string.
    - uaeexe_server UAE boot ROM hook was set even if uae boot rom was disabled (Does something use this hook? seems ancient..) This corrupted part of CDTV extended ROM in b2 and 2.5.0 versions. (b3 initialization order change partially fixed it)

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