Have any of you heard about this?

This project has been in the UK news again today as its now gone live. Created by Portsmouth university they have used archival material to pinpoint and accurately log every bomb dropped on London during the World War 2 blitz.

They have also managed to detail the type of bomb each was, as well as additional information about each site where possible. Amazing historical record that really makes you wonder how London survived.

The blog detailing more about the actual project can be found here:


And the actual site can be accessed here:


They have had huge interest in this and it has brought their servers to their knees at various times. I couldn't access the site earlier today, but managed to just now.

They are also working on an Android app that should be launched soon, but you can try to get in on beta testing it if you want early access to it. Looks interesting, especially if actually visiting London, as it uses overlay technology to show you exactly where the bombs dropped from your current location.

I would love to see them expand this project to other UK cities if they can get the funding. Especially Southampton would be of interest to me.

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