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    Total noob with WHDload problems.

    Hi all,

    Hoping someone can give me some advice please.

    I've recently dusted off my Amiga 600 and after playing a few boxed games, I stumbled upon a 4GB Games & Demos Hard Disk Drive on eBay and promptly bought it as it had loads of games on I fancied playing.

    It installed with no problems and it came with some instructions with 2 methods on how to load the games. My problem is that although a lot of the games work, a lot of them don't. When they don't, I get an error that usually refers to memory.

    Is it simply a case of I don't have enough memory in the Amiga? I can get the exact messages if it helps.

    If it's more memory I need, is there a specific type of memory I need to get for a 600?

    Any help with this is greatly appreciated.


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    Hi, I posted details in your other thread. Hope it is helpful.

    A quick summary. You will need 4MB ram minimum for WHDLoad to run properly. The A600 comes with 1MB chip ram and you can add a further 1MB chip ram to the trapdoor expansion under the A600. you can then add fast ram for the additional ram needed using either an SRAM PCMCIA ram card or an internal fast ram expansion.

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