For sale here is a very rare Z64 Mr Backup device.

Photo is of the actual Z64 and N64 being sold here.

This is a backup device for the Nintendo 64. The images here show the actual device for sale. As can be seen above the Z64 sits on top of the N64 and plugs into the Cartridge slot. An original N64 game cartridge is plugged into the Z64 to allow it to work, and I'm including a PAL Mario 64 Cartridge for this purpose as it is the most compatible cartridge to use.

On the side of the Z64 is a ZIP100 drive which is used to load and save software to run on the Z64, and also to load and save game patches, game saves, emulators and anything else available for the N64. During operation you can use the Z64 to backup original N64 cartridges to the Zip drive, or load images from Zip disk into the Z64's memory, which then appears to the N64 like a real cartridge. As well as being good as a backup device, this is also very useful if you were interested in N64 software development.

The Z64 allows you to access the Zip disks and load files using the built in LCD, but also you can use a more advanced on screen menu via the N64 and controller to navigate disk contents, to enter cheat codes, and also to access a special tools menu to perform tasks on the disk files, such as bit swapping a rom.

This Z64 contains BIOS version 2.16betaB. Custom BIOS's exist for the Z64, created by its community to add additional features, and these can be installed from ZIP disk. Among the features these can offer are the ability to support changing the internal ZIP drive for either a CF card reader or an internal HDD.

I'm also including a separate USB ZIP100 drive and at least 15 blank ZIP disks to use with the Z64. (I will include more if I find them).

Included in this sale is:

  1. Z64 Mr Backup Unit
  2. Nintendo 64 (UK PAL) with 4MB RAM expansion (no N64 controllers included)
  3. N64 (UK) PSU
  4. Z64 PSU (2 pin universal 110-240v adapter with EU plug, with UK adapter provided if sold to UK buyer)
  5. Mario 64 Original Game Cartridge (to make the Z64 work)
  6. USB ZIP100 Drive (to transfer files between Z64 and PC/Mac)
  7. 15+ Blank ZIP100 discs. (I will include more if I find any more)
  8. Extras. Ask me via PM.

Please note that the only thing not included in this sale is a Nintendo 64 controller as I only have the one from my other N64 which I'm keeping.

Asking Price 200 including UK shipping (international shipping will be extra - ask me for a quote).

Buyer is to pay paypal fees. I will ship internationally but only by insured and registered post.

Any questions please ask.