Ok, I have the following items..

x1 Stock Amiga 1200 with a 4gb compact flash card from amigakit preinstalled with WHDLoad apparantely.
x1 ADF Adapter PCMCIA with a sandisk 4gb card, not formatted or anything, straight out of packet.
x1 very annoyed person who cannot seem to figure this shizzle out :'(

My question to you is this. how do i get these things working, i would prefer to use WHDLoad because ive heard its faster and better etc..but i was also told to get an upgrade for my amiga 1200 because of ram issues, so is there any other way i can use my amiga 1200 harddrive for playing games or will i have to use disks? i need to know everything from scratch, ive never used workbench and never done anything on an amiga 1200 apart from use the purple insert disk screen to play my old games.. thanks everyone..