Years ago there was a website called AmiBench. It went offline about 6 years ago because its owner no longer had the time to maintain it (It was this action which prompted us to create

Now he has finally found someone new to take over the running of the site and has resurrected it.

AmiBench is a very simple classified adverts site, similar to Craigslist, to buy and sell Amiga hardware/software. It doesn't have any moderation or rules. Sellers list stuff and buyers contact them to arrange purchase and delivery.

At the moment it doesn't have much at all listed as it's only just getting going again and it will take time to get people posting adverts, but worth keeping an eye on in case something you want pops up for sale near you.

Word of warning. If you trade on AmiBench you won't have any protection. Sellers are free to post what they like and behave however they wish. If a trade goes wrong the buyer and seller will have to sort it out between them, and there is no system in place to warn buyers about bad sellers (scamming, scalping etc).

Use the right payment system to protect yourself. If you do decide to buy something through AmiBench make sure you pay for the item using Paypal with fees, and not Paypal gift payments. Using Fee based payments (even if you pay the fees) will offer you Paypal buyer protection. If something goes wrong with the trade you can then open a dispute with Paypal and claim your money back. Pay by gift payment and you won't get that protection and your money/items will be unprotected and you could lose it.

Shipping. Also make sure you get/send your items by a recorded/tracked method of payment. And if worth anything get it insured too. If the item goes missing you can the claim for your money back. And if selling you can prove you shipped it. This is very important if you ever needed to open a dispute via Paypal.

Most secure and piece of mind trading.
If however you would like much better protection when trading online, with people you don't know, then I highly recommend On Amibay we have put into place a very strict set of site rules, as well as a strong team of moderators. The site is heavily moderated to protect members so that everyone has a higher chance of a successful trade. The moderators are there to help if something goes wrong with a trade, and any complaints about sellers are fully investigated so that the site doesn't keep anyone who has scammed or scalped members a part of the community.