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    Amiga 2000 for sale


    I have a well-used, well loved Amiga 2000 for sale, with some installed 3D and 2D software - 68030 Co-Pro, SCSI hard disk controller board and a hard drive.

    I used it primarily for broadcast animation work in the mid to late 80's early 90's and it still works fine - a few commercials & pop promos in the U.K & U.S during that time feature work carried out using it (!)

    The monitor On/Off button is faulty but still works if the button is taped down - Mouse (non_Amiga) , keyboard, manuals and some other peripherals included in the price.

    I don't want to trash it because I'm convinced someone could use it - I can re-format the drive if required.

    I'm looking at £200.00 or nearest best offer, with cash on collection / bank transfer as preferred means of payment.

    I live in West London near Shepperton in the U.K, so collection preferred but can make allowances for overseas interest with the price.

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    Good luck with the sale. Also worth advertising it on our other site,, as you will get a wider coverage of buyers interested on there.

    If you haven't played a classic game in years, it's never too late to start!

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