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    Tethering Android to PC to share mobile internet

    Has anyone tried this?

    I will be moving to our rented house for the next few months while they start drying out and then repairing our house. Initially we won't have a phone line at the new house while we wait for BT to transfer our number over, so we obviously won't have broadband either.

    So I was thinking about using mobile broadband as a stopgap until the broadband is activated at the new address.

    I had a look on my Sony Android phone as I've never bothered trying this before and it seems that Android 2.3 has tethering built in to share the mobile's internet connection with a PC via USB. Has anyone tried this?

    When I attempt this do I need software already installed on the PC to allow it to work? Or should it work as is with Windows 7? To date the Sony phone has had all its PC support software needed built into the phone, and it installs it directly across when connected via USB, which is much easier than trying to locate install CDs or download something.

    Failing that a friend is also lending me a THREE mobile broadband router (MiFi) with one month's top up already activated on it, so that can also be used. The issue is that none of my PCs have Wifi as they are all connected via Gbit Ethernet directly to the router. So I would either need to get a WiFi dongle for one of them, or tether my mobile.

    I was thinking of using my mobile for my main PC to access the internet, as I've got unlimited internet on my THREE mobile account, and let me wife use the MiFi router for her laptop to connect up.

    Also, does anyone know if mobile internet tethering can be done over bluetooth? My main PC has bluetooth built into the motherboard and already connects to the mobile fine for file transfer, and things like remove access/control.

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    I know here in the USA they want to charge you for a second Data Plan my oldest son says you
    can get around that if your Cell is rooted..

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