True, although both times we flooded the rain was constant for the whole night so it just overwhelmed the drainage we did have. Since then it has only rained heavily in relatively short bursts.

Every time the guy from the drying company comes out to take reading and adjust the drying he asks if we have flooded again.

As for the authorities, general public, PMs and others all bickering over who is to blame, why hasn't anyone been sensible enough to see that this is an unprecedented weather event that no one could have foreseen as being of such magnitude. The problem is that when a location hasn't flooded for 50+ years in some cases people get complacent and forget how bad it has been in the past. It's impossible to prevent all flooding, that would just be naive. However they are certain cases such as Hambledon for example. In the video reports in that link it shows the drainage ditch that used to run along the centre of the main street and prevent any such flooding, but in their wisdom at the end of the second world war they filled the whole ditch in so the tanks could drive through on their D-Day parade. Mad!

Not quite sure what the answer is where I live, but maybe for the majority of Fishbourne's flooding a similar idea of a very large flood drainage pipe running under the centre of the road would be a very good solution. But that costs a lot of money.