Has anyone been following the Raspberry Pi computer? Or even got one?

I was interested in this the moment I saw it. If you're not already familiar with it, it is a single board computer, about the size of a credit card, which has an ARM processor and runs Linux off an SD card. Basically a fully functional computer, in a very small size, and it costs only about 25.

They finally started manufacturing them a few months ago and due to the large deman, you had to join a waiting list with either RS or Farnell in order to get one. I'm pleased to say that I finally got invited to buy one last week, so i ordered one, but I may still have to wait a good few weeks for it to arrive.

I look forward to getting it. It will be a fun system for playing with.

The Pi isn't the only computer of its kind. Other similar systems do exists, but this one seems to have had a lot of publicity, and a major factor was the price, as some others are a bit more expensive.