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    D-Fend Reloaded v1.3

    New version out:

    Updated FreeDOS from 1.0 to 1.1 (full installer only).
    Updated DOSZip from 2.17 to 2.27.
    Menu item in profiles menu and profile context menu: Open file in program files folder.
    Service section of setup dialog: Reset all profiles to template.
    New "Open DOSBox prompt in program folder" context menu and profile menu item.
    The floppy/harddisk image file creator can diretly create a profiles for booting the created image file in DOSBox.
    Now the floppy/harddisk image file creator can add Doszip to image files.
    New option not to repack the archive file when the game quits when using an archive file as a drive.
    Improved detection whether a program is using DOS4GW or not.
    Better disk image type auto detection when extracting files from an image file.
    Improved checksum usage when searching for new game in the games folder.
    [Fix] When entering numerical values in a spin input field in the profile editor via keyboard the value range is not always checked properly.
    [Fix] Creation of bootable hard disk images was broken.
    [Fix] Trying to get the list of available MIDI devices fails if there are no drive records in the default template.
    [Fix] The edit button in the drives list context menu of the profile editor opened the add drive dialog and not the edit drive dialog.
    [Fix] Removed useless information popup when editing the capture folder for a Windows game profile in the profile editor.
    [Fix] Removed invalid ISO image warning when extracting a floppy or hard disk image.
    [Fix] When downloading a cover image from Mobygames right after changing the capture folder (without closing the profile editor in between), the image will be stored in the old capture folder.
    [Fix] Wrong position for the portable version info button on the DOSBox page of the configuration dialog when switching from basic to advanced configuration mode.

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    I've still not reinstalled this, and now I'm building a new emulation PC out of my old Q6600 (old main PC) so will definitely remember to add this.

    If you haven't played a classic game in years, it's never too late to start!

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