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    CDTV /CD32 CD-R Burning Advice

    Hi, guys. I finally have a cdtv and a cd32 but now i need starting to burn some games to play on this systems. Which kind of cd-r do you use/advice to use on both of this systems. I don't want to spend money on cheap cd-r and then damaging the internal reading laser. Need to some advice on buying cd-rs to burn. Open to sugestions.

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    Most of us only use Verbatim blank discs. They are the most reliable and use a different type of metal based dye layer. This layer makes the discs more reflective in old optical drives like retro consoles, so allowing the discs to be read more easily. Verbatim discs are also some of the most reliable with no coasters/failed writes for most batches.

    When writing ISOs to blank discs for retro platforms like the CD32 and CDTV always write the discs at the slowest speed your CD writer supports. 4x is the best, but most newer writers will only allow 8x which is still normally fine. Never write the discs at 16x or higher speeds as the drives won't be able to read them properly.

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