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    Amiga transformer

    Hello everyone, who is so good that I wanted to help?

    the program that allowed you to simulate the IBM-PC environment, called AMIGA TRANSFORMER, I found it and I simulated within WinUAE.
    As I am now and where the disk formatted dos boot image of the bargain to 720k?
    If you know any other way ever since .... spiegatemela transformer!

    (we used a simultaneous translator ... sorry if it is not good English)

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    If your PC has a Floppy Disk Drive then you might be able to make WinUAE read the disks. However it would probably work better if the PC floppy disk was a disk image file rather than a real disk.

    I've never tried to emulate a PC in an Amiga emulator and then try to load a PC floppy disk within it, but it would be interested to see if it would work. I can try converting some PC DOS disks into IMG files and see if WinUAE will read them with CrossDOS (built into Windows from version 2.1 onwards).

    The better way if you just want to emulate an old DOS PC would be to use a native PC emulator like DOSBox or a virtual machine like VirtualBox. Both completely free.

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