Beta 16:

- AROS CDFS update, disabled annoying and pointless "Write protected" requester.
- Reload shader filter automatically if shader file's modification date changes, quicker to experiment with filters, changes will be visible immediately.
- Added texelsize as a parameter to _winuae.fx shader, needed to quickly access other pixels (not just current pixel), version number bumped to 3.
- DirectDraw mode screen blanked when adjusting slider settings on the fly.
- Reordered emulated autoconfig boards, first comes all Z2 boards and then all Z3 boards. KS1.x stops autoconfig process when first Z3 board is found, previously filesystem "board" was after Z3 boards causing UAE controller HDs to not mount under 1.3 if Z3 or RTG was enabled. Debugger 'dm' command also shows name of current autoconfig board in autoconfig config space if autoconfig didn't finish.
- Picasso_FindCard() will now return error if RTG board is not fully autoconfigured.
- Added RTG Z2/Z3 board mode selection. NOTE: both Z2 Fast RAM and Z2 RTG RAM must fit in 8MB Z2 autoconfig region.
- Removed NO_SHUTUP flags from emulated autoconfig devices, AOS is now allowed to "shut up" the card (usually can only happen if there is no free config space) and continue autoconfig process. Probably never happens but maybe someday it is needed.
- Clear RTG screen buffer when switching modes, sometimes previous graphics was visible on border area if RTG resolution changes without host screen mode change.
- Low latency vsync partial rewrite, fastest possible CPU/JIT should have better peformance compared to previous betas, triple buffering is not needed anymore, double and triple should have exact same performance, triple only increases latency. RTG low latency vsync should be stable now, some hangs also fixed.

NOTE: Previous betas saved gfx_backbuffers_rtg=2 to configuration file, edit it or remove it manually if you want to use double buffer (=1) RTG mode which is also the default now. There is no GUI option yet.

Always include both logs and config file if you have any kind of vsync related problems, thanks!