Im hoping someone on this forum can help me. Sometime around 1993 (not too certain of the year but it is around this time) my brother had some of his deluxe paint 4 art printed in the readers gallery section of a magazine. His 40th birthday is coming up and I would love to track the mag down to give it to him for his birthday.

I was almost certain that the magazine was Amiga Action, so I bought one from around this time off ebay just to see if it was the right mag, but there was no readers gallery to be seen. So now I'm stuck and hope someone can help.

Can anyone remember an amiga mag from this time that had a section that printed readers pictures? The mags I used to buy at this time were Amiga Action, Zero, One Magazine and maybe a few others.

If anyone here still has old amiga mags and finds one with a readers gallery then the pictures that were printed were of Sylvester Stallone with a USA flag draped over him and one of Arnold Swarzenegger. Naff I know but we were young.

I remember him drawing these pictures on deluxe paint, pixel by pixel and it was the first time we realised that my little bro had some talent. He now runs his own design company.

Sorry for the long post but it would mean so much to me, and him if I could locate this mag, and of course I would pay if anyone had the mag and would be willing to part with it.

Any information would help.