Beta 13:

- bsdsocket emulation: use SOCK_DGRAM if requesting IPPROTO_UDP + SOCK_RAW. Raw sockets require admin privileges and have restrictions (introduced in XP SP 2 / Vista). This partially fixes Genesis traceroute, UDP packets are now transmitted (Wireshark detects it) but for some reason it is not possible to receive ICMP packets using winsock anymore (but ping that both sends and receives ICMP packets do work fine, so it seems you can only receive replies to your own packets)
- bsdsocket emulation WaitSelect() incorrectly cleared break mask signals, this caused programs like traceroute to not exit with CTRL+C.
- Swallow raw input mouse middle mouse button presses if middle mouse button is set to untrap mouse.
- WinUAE Windows dialogs (not GUI or file dialogs) may have been invisible in some situations in fullscreen D3D mode.
- Some on the fly config changes caused side-effects if new vsync mode was enabled, for example JIT on<>off or fastest possible<>approximate caused graphics corruption.
- Switching on the fly to/from fastest possible CPU to approximate or cycle-exact mode in low latency vsync didn't switch to correct internal vblank detection mode.
- It was possible to enable both JIT and cycle-exact using uae-configuration which froze the emulation until GUI was entered and exited (which fixed the bad configuration). Now this conflicting configuration is detected and JIT is automatically disabled.
- Built-in CDFS crashed if CD was unreadable (empty CD-R).
- Input panel custom event configuration changes didn't trigger until some other config entry changed or GUI was entered.

TODO: sound sync still needs work.