Shortly after beta 11, here comes a small update in beta 12. I only posted this beta for download now in the d/l section.

Beta 11:

- SocketBaseTagList() must not report unknown tag error unless tag is really unknown, not just unsupported. SBTC_LOGx tags are now "supported" because some programs sets them and they also do not want to get any errors.
- bsdsocket.library SBTC_FDCALLBACK implemented. Should fix (SAS-C compiled only?) Unix ports that use both socket and plain file FDs.
- Multiple bsdsocket emulation thread safety fixes. Should finally fix all YAM hangs.
- Directory filesystem internal file size access update, previously Examine() and friends returned old file size if file size changed (either inside or outside of emulation) until file was closed. (fixes Subversion bad request 400 error)
- Built-in zip unarchiver utf-8 encoded file name support implemented
- Vertical centering and small enough display size: vertical positioning was really wrong.
Beta 12:

- Quick beta update: blitter cycle-exact mode was not cycle-exact in b10 and b11 release builds.