Beta 10:

- RTG mode list should always list all monitors' supported resolutions.
- PAL filter display positioning is now same as other filters.
- Removed obsolete right control key hack, Amiga does not have right control key, it was only originally needed to handle keyboard layout B in old UAE versions.
- Cycle-exact mode and very heavy interrupt activity caused lost internal interrupt event in some very rare situations, bug introduced long time ago. (Guardian Dragon II / Kefrens random hang, probably others too)
- In non-vsync modes only triple buffering enables vsynced page flipping, other modes flip instantly for better performance (and possibly introduces tearing but it is better than bad performance)
- Log more complete RDB dump when mounting RDB hardfile or real harddrive using UAE controller.
- bsdsocket emulation tweaks. SocketBaseTagList() more compatible with AmiTCP (emulate weird behavior of breaking tag list processing if unknown tag detected, some programs actually don't even have a TAG_END..), get/setsockopt more compatible ("Unknown optlen (1)" log error messages) Convert SO_SNDTIMEO and SO_RCVTIMEO time values between milliseconds and struct timeval.
- HID input stuck button fixed if multiple buttons were kept pressed while releasing another button.
- HID input configuration loading didn't always match devices correctly