Beta 9:

- USB HID game controller support really works now. (HID signed value handling is a bit special) Also added pad quirks list from Linux, some game pads apparently report bad minimum and maximum range values, this also includes Logitech G13 stick which was not listed (reported range is -127 to 127, real range is 0 to 255) and this caused the b8 problem because I assumed it was supposed to work that way which of course broke other correctly working devices with negative minimum range.
- D3D and DirectDraw fullscreen mode monitor selection improved, it wasn't reliable if system had more than 1 display adapter(s). (Win32 EnumDisplayDevices(), DirectDraw and Direct3D monitor indexes are not guaranteed to be same)
- Adjusted sound buffer range, old 1 is new 2, 2 is 3, and so on. Old 7 is too big, most drivers won't accept it and new vsync can work with buffer smaller than old 1. (Buffer size "0" or "1/2" would have been too confusing..) In other words, if you load old configuration, only value shown in GUI increases by one, real buffer size does not change.
- Fixed Graffiti emulation crash in if Graffiti hires mode was detected but emulation was not configured for superhires support. (Only in some situations)
- Disable genlock detected option if A2024 or Graffiti enabled, this is impossible configuration and would only slow down emulation (forces Graffiti emulation to keep looking for command codes continuously)
- PC keyboard emulation mode, maps keys like F12, End, Home etc.. to Amiga key codes (afaik same key codes are also used by AROS, OS4 and MorphOS). Num Lock opens the GUI by default (Only remaining key that is more or less free), all other special UAE key mappings are disabled. Config file only at the moment: input.keyboard_type=pc
- Do not include "raw" display modes (marked as "!") in RTG resolution list.
- Old vsync mode is back (native only, non-fastest CPU mode compatible only)