Already next beta:

- Fixed D3D RTG hardware cursor stupid divide by zero crash introduced in b6
- Old "Include CD/DVD drives.." now always mounts in CDFS + uaescsi.device mode (uaescsi.device is automatically enabled)
- Approximate CPU speed and 68020: divide A500 instruction cycle counts by 4.
- RTG vsync and >=100Hz display didn't work correctly.
- RTG vsync and non-fastest CPU speed mode fixed.
- Removed RTG autovsync setting, it does not make any sense.
- Fixed D3D + no filter crash in some situations.
- CDFS CD mounted drives are now bootable but only if media is present when drive is mounted to prevent ugly "No disk present in device CDx:" requesters.
- Display vertical position was wrong if A2024 or Graffiti emulation was enabled.
- AROS ROM updated.
- Low latency USB HID game controller raw input mode is now the default (except if Windows XP, it should work but enumerated device paths are wrong), old custom input mappings compatibility is not guaranteed, DirectInput is still used for any non-HID devices.
- Fixed HID analog stick handling if reported range was -val to +val instead of 0 to +val, also other small updates.
- USB HID device name detection improved, less generic names, better match with DirectInput device names.

Test all input devices and report any strange behavior!