Beta 5:

- Removed obsolete fake (50), (60), (100) and (120) refresh rates.
- Primary Display Driver monitor selection removed.
- Only primary monitor allowed >75Hz modes.
- Does not load or use ddraw.dll anymore if D3D mode enabled.
- Display and mode enumeration rewritten (does not use ddraw aymore).
- DirectDraw mode vertical positioning fixed (was always on top of screen)
- Fixed Sound panel crash if sound card id stored in configuration file was larger than available number of sound card drivers.
- Handle situation where PortAudio Pa_IsFormatSupported() returns true but Pa_OpenStream() fails with paInvalidSampleRate. (Usually seems to happen when requesting 44100Hz but hardware supports only 48000Hz)
- VSync sound syncronization improved (All types: DirectSound, WASAPI, OpenAL and PortAudio). Note that buffer settings are not same between device types.
- SND% blue/yellow/red flickering fix, previously flickering speed changed depending on buffer size.
- More fastest possible/JIT low latency vsync updates.

- AROS CDFS is now UAE boot ROM built-in. "Include CD/DVD drives.." now has two modes:
* - if uaescsi.device is not enabled: mount as Windows drive (same as previously) This mode may disappear in the future.
* - if uaescsi.device is enabled: mount using built-in CDFS. (Correct file names, protection flags, audio tracks etc..) There is no need to install Amiga-side CDFS anymore. I am not sure if AROS CDFS if good enough but at least it appears to work..

"Include CD/DVD drives.." (+uaescsi.device) can now be used to install OS3.0+ safely. KS2.0+ only. (CDFS requires 2.0+ features)