Beta 3:

Long waited fastest possible CPU vsync is here! Maybe.

- Fixed DirectDraw mode crash (b1)
- Fixed uaenet.device crash if program attempted to open it but winpcap was not installed. (old)
- Added CD32 drive emulation hack, CD32 Mutation Gold Compilation games now load (but they didn't work on my real CD32 either so technically not working is correct behavior. This hack is removed if it breaks other programs)
- Too fast CPU audio hack update, one of the hacks actually caused sound glitches with some strange sound routines.
- Do not blank screen if display can't be shown (DirectDraw display position negative upper left coordinates), now sets coordinates to zero.
- Keyboard statesave buffer overflow (b1)

- Experimental new vsync mode for fastest possible/JIT CPU modes. Tested using WHDLoad demos and games.
* - Uses secondary thread which polls vblank state continuously. There is no way to get signal/message/whatever during vblank. Stupid Windows.
* - Activates automatically if 2 or more CPUs/cores detected and fastest possible/JIT and low latency mode selected.
* - JIT is also supported.
* - Works in windowed and fullscreen modes (just like normal low latency vsync).
* - This mode is currently buffered, used to hide horrible tearing (flip timing is much more complex if fastest possible CPU), will be hopefully improved later.
* - Sound pitch changes possible, this also needs some improving later.