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    [PS3] - 4.00 Jailbreak Confirmed Working By KaKaRoTo

    This could get interesting:

    I think you guys remember my article on the 3.73 Jailbreak? If not, then you'll definitely know that firmware 4.00 was released recently. Well guys, you'll all be ecstatic to know that 4.00 has been jailbroken by KaKaRoTo. It comes with great knowledge that most people knew this would work. You see, unlike other PlayStation updates, no security fixes were outlined - Which could only mean that the exploit still existed and it does, so enjoy the news and spread the word!

    Edit: People are wondering whether KaKaRoTo will release this, my guess is yes. KaKaRoTo has never been selfish with his releases. I don't think people need to bash any developers, including Mathieulh. All research combined makes things like this jailbreak and other resources possible. Stop the hate and support the community.

    The jailbreak exploit (from my understanding) should work on firmwares 3.73 to 4.00, even if you are already on either firmware.

    Note: This will in no way support back-up managers. KaKaRoTo has no intention of doing so, this feature is up to other developers to work on. If you play back-ups, then stick to 3.55.

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    Interesting indeed. If it is really true that the exploit exists for even the latest firmware than lets hope someone steps up and works on an exploit for it.

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