Beta 2:

- Adjusted horizontal positioning, full overscan was not visible.
- Clear display buffers when monitor type or refresh rate changes.
- A2024 1-plane mode brightness level fixed (DPL bits implemented)
- Fix A2024 10Hz flickering near panel borders.
- 16-bit color supported in A2024/Graffiti emulation.
- Disable audio emulation hacks if 68020 CE (previously only if 68000 CE)
- Switching from CE to non-CE on the fly froze the emulated machine in some situations until mode was switched back to CE.
- PCMCIA CF IDE emulation added ("SC IDE" controller type), originally developed for AROS m68k PCMCIA CF IDE support testing.
- Fastest possible without JIT + low latency vsync should work much better now (but probably still not good enough)