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    WinUAE 2.4.0 Beta 1

    First beta release of 2.4.0:

    - Number of supported serial ports, MIDI ports and sound devices increased, allocated dynamically.
    - Fixed crash if more than max supported serial ports or MIDI ports found.
    - Sort MIDI and serial ports alphabetically.
    - Hardfile write protection has never worked, only worked when using real harddrives.
    - Very old keyboard handshake emulation hack removed, now following key code won't arrive until current key code has been handshaked properly. I guess this hack was needed when CIA emulation was not good enough.
    - Parallel joystick adapter unused pin added to Input panel (spare/2nd button) World Cup 1990 parallel port joystick adapter uses this pin.
    - Gayle IDE emulation IDE doubler mode improved, both buses are now separate, supports drivers that send command to drive on another bus when drive on other bus is still processing previous command (Linux/NetBSD/AROS)
    - Emulate disk write with enabled wordsync. Write does not start until wordsync marker has been found on disk. Some games accidentally enable wordsync bit when writing. Previously write never started.
    - Saving configuration crashed if scale mode was set to integer.
    - -portable disables winuaebootlog.txt, also added -bootlog and -nobootlog parameters.
    - Switching from physical CD to image or vice versa didn't send uaescsi.device change notifications
    - Support added for special screen modes that can have different "input" and "output" resolutions or positioning. On the fly switching also supported.
    - A2024 and Graffiti emulation implemented, uses above system. Configuration in chipset panel, autodetect = attempts to detect if mode is normal, A2024 or Graffiti.
    - All programmed display modes (DBLPAL/NTSC, MULTISCAN etc..) should be always centered, exact display positioning configuration is now taken from sync position custom registers.
    - Normal modes may also have better centering without extra configuration.
    - Mode switching can leave old graphics garbage, this will be fixed later.

    A2024 and Graffiti emulation notes:
    - 32-bit display mode required.
    - Direct3D or DirectDraw + null filter mode required. (=Does not work if DirectDraw + no filter)
    - Make sure display resolution (lores/hires/shres) is equal or higher than required resolution:
    * A2024 10Hz: lores
    * A2024 15Hz: hires (loss of every other pixel if lores)
    * A2024 only tested using WB drivers (which don't use all A2024 special features)
    * Graffiti lores: hires (does not work at all if lores)
    * Graffiti hires (AGA required): shres (does not work at all if hires or lores)
    - A2024 output resolutions: 1024x1024 (PAL), 1024x800 (NTSC), OCS chipset: 1008x1024 or 1008x800.
    - Yes, weird A2024 refresh behavior is normal, single display is built from multiple frames!
    - A2024 enabled but special mode line not detected: fall back to normal native display. Real A2024 would show 8 grayscale screen. This is not (yet? Pointless feature?) emulated.

    NOTE.NOTE.NOTE.NOTE: Because display positioning has been changed:
    - Remove all custom filter positioning settings first!
    - Also test without enabled horizontal or vertical centering.

    NOTE2:NOTE2:NOTE2: This can also change again during beta period. It won't be compatible with old versions.

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    Finally better screen centring. That has always been a bit of an issue.

    And still do many updates...

    If you haven't played a classic game in years, it's never too late to start!

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