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    Nice utility for Windows - Link Shell Extension

    I know how Classic Amiga users like a PC tip from time to time, so here is another I stumbled across today.

    If you need to make Symbolic links or Junctions (a lot like the good old Amiga Assign command, redirecting folders or files to new locations) then there is a great shell extension to do just that:

    You can use mklink from a command prompt in Windows 7, but this is far easier as you just right click in explorer.

    Haven't tried it yet, but I'm running my Firefox profile from a NTFS RAMdisk and need to redirect some of the sqlite databases (eg bookmarks) to hard drive locations so they can survive a reboot. Hoping this will get the job done!

    As you can imagine, being able to relocate stubborn applications files and folders to where you want them can come in handy.
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    Sounds interesting, although I don't have any practical uses I can think of at the moment. Still, at least I now know about it in case I do in the future. Thanks.

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