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    I wonder if Apple have also been trying to patent it so they can back sue Microsoft and Linux for using it first.

    I also love the comments left for that article. The Mac users posting comments just show what cretins some of them really are, especially the first comment:

    The author must be a Windows User or has had Windows envy.
    Cut and Paste is a Windows Concept. It is not a Mac Concept.
    On the Mac, files were treated as real objects. Cutting and pasting objects makes no sense intuitively. It is a confusing concept even to new Windows users.
    Confusion is not the Mac way of doing things. This is why cutting and pasting objects was not implemented on the Mac for so long.
    And I love how the next reply blows those comments out of the water by proving cut and paste has been a part of the Lisa and Mac since the beginning for text.

    And further down the comments how another's comments are dismissed by explaining how the Windows Copy and Paste process was changed many years ago to remove the reason the Mac users were stating why it hadn't been a part of the OS. So often you just have to laugh at the Mac users and smile at the little walled world they live in.

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