Final release of WinUAE 2.3.2:

New features:

- AROS ROM replacement development snapshot included, replaces old
very basic ROM replacement feature, used by default if official
KS ROM is not found.
- New autofire option. Button released = autofire. Button pressed = normal
non-autofire firebutton.
- Stop the CPU and wait until blitter has finished if any blitter register
is accessed while blitter is busy and CPU mode is fastest possible.
Better workaround than immediate blitter for programs that have blitter
wait bugs with fast CPU.
- Serial port telnet server.


- Disk emulation accuracy improved
(Codertrash / Mexx, El Egg Tronic Quarts / Quadlite)
- CIA timer undocumented startup delays emulated (Risky Woods sound
- win32.floppy_path and win32.hardfile_path really works as expected.
- Display panel refresh rate accepts non-integer values.

Bug fixes:

- Implemented workaround that should fix Direct3D blank screen problem.
- Sample ripper crash.
- 68000 exception 3 emulation fixed again. (Broke compatibility with some
very old copy protections, for example Soldier of Light and Zoom!)
- Reset bug that broke Arcadia mode, A1000 mode and Action Replay ROMs.
- Automatic resolution switch interlace detection was unreliable.
- CD32 early boot menu is accessible again.
- Rare crash when switching from fullscreen RTG mode to native mode.
- Borderblank chipset feature didn't work in ECS Denise mode.
- Possible input configuration corruption due to uninitialized variable.
- Color change table overflow crash that can happen when emulated
program crashes really badly.