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    Nintendo SNES Score Master Joystick

    I just rediscovered my official Nintendo Super NES Score Master Arcade joystick!

    I've just been rummaging in the loft and came across it in its original box and packaging, and it looks as good as new. Time to dig out the SNES and give it a go.

    Did anyone else own this official SNES joystick? Compared to most official console hardware back at the time, this stick was very well constructed. Heavy, so it sits nicely on a desk and doesn't move around whilst playing, and its button layout is arcade style with all the buttons arranged to the right of the stick, so it is much better than the official joypad for beat em' ups like Super Streetfighter 2. It also has selection switches for each of the buttons to switch them into turbo mode (autofire), plus a slow motion button to slow down the game when you are having trouble with a section.

    Definitely one of the best joysticks available for the SNES, and it was actually made my Nintendo!

    I will add a couple of pictures later.

    Did anyone else own one of these?

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    Nope, didn't or don't have one, as you may know, the PSX was my first console, before that I only used computers.

    But it looks nice and sturdy from the pictures.

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