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    WinUAE 2.3.2 Beta 6

    Beta 6:

    - Display panel overwrites chipset_refreshrate decimal part only when slider is adjusted
    - Display panel directly accepts non-integer refresh rates
    - last serial port device was not listed (b1)
    - added serial_stopbits configuration parameter, sets Paula serial port emulation stop bit length. (0 = 1bit, 1 = 1.5bits, 2 = 2bits) Technically it should always work but at least some USB adapters don't seem to reliably read Amiga serial data at 19200 without setting it to 1 or 2. (interestingly for example 115200 works fine, this is quite confusing)
    - Gameports panel remapping fixed (b4)
    - avioutput refresh rate was not rounded to nearest integer (b5)
    - fixed crash when switching from RTG mode to native mode (old bug, only in specific combination of filter and display settings)
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