Beta 5:

- floppy step signal's previous state was not restored properly from statefile (possible one skipped or one extra step when program steps for the first time after state was restored)
- tight DSKBYTR() read loop sometimes triggered second index sync pulse after few cycles. Broke some copy protections randomly. (for example original Double Dragon II)
- enable Gayle ID register in CD32 mode. CD32 boot menu checks for Gayle ID and immediately exists if Gayle is not detected. This must mean Akiko includes some (unused or never fully implemented?) parts of Gayle (at least ID register) because boot menu works on a real CD32.
- RESET instruction didn't work correctly in 68000 compatible non-ce (prefetch) mode (Arcadia/AR/A1000)
- only use triple buffer if triple buffer selected and vsync enabled. Seems to fix (at least partially) random Direct3D blank screen issue (also triple buffer in non-vsync modes is quite pointless)
- configuration file chipset_refreshrate accepts now floating point values