Beta 4:

- added new autofire option. Button released = autofire. Button pressed = normal non-autofire firebutton.
- 231b13 reset fix fixed again (A1000 and Arcadia emulation crash)
- automatic resolution switch interlace detection was unreliable
- show a message and refuse real harddrive write attempts to block zero (=RDB write attempt) if drive has one or more mounted PC partitions. Partitioning is going to fail even if write appears to succeed.
- screen mode change (fullscreen<>windowed or windowed mode window size change) released all currently pressed keys, it should only happen when WinUAE loses focus, not when switching modes
- window title bar mouse text shortened, F12 note added
- stop the cpu and wait until blitter has finished if any blitter register is accessed while blitter is busy and cpu mode is fastest possible