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    U.K. To block Filesharing sites?

    A Minister in the U.K. is proposing a law that forces ISP's to block websites that contain "Copyright Infringing Material". Knowing the way that people in the U.K. can go mental and enforce the law to the letter this could infact include ClassicAmiga which would mean Harrison banned from accessing his own website.

    For more on this story go to or

    There is an online campaign for U.K. citizens to email their MP (not that it'll do any good as they're all a useless bunch of *$%&^*. Mine even sent confirmation that she got my email through the post costing the taxpayer more money and probably generating an expense claim for a secretary and some new shoes) that can be reached
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    It is amazing how naive these people are. All someone would need to do is route their connection through a proxy server, then their activity would be invisible to the ISP.

    As for me being blocked from classicamiga. We don't have anything publicly available on the site that is illegal or copyrighted without permission, so I can't see a problem here. It is only concerned with the current music and film industries, and more importantly new releases... probably just another idea going around by the industry, but only time will tell.

    One thing is certain... people would not just sit down and accept restrictions placed on web access. That could be viewed as no better than China filtering their internet access.

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