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    WinUAE 2.3.1 Beta 10

    Beta 10:

    - fast multicore system filesystem slowdown fix (always been there but "slower" CPUs didnīt trigger it so easily)
    - last scanline was invisible in filtered doubled modes
    - sprite dma does not switch immediately off when DMACON sprite bit is cleared (Magic Demo / Diabolics)
    - do not autoswitch (button press on unused input device) if it would replace GamePorts custom remapped input device
    - fixed GamePorts parallel port configuration possible crash and wrong configuration

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    How does this guy know so much?? DId he build the original chips or something? And where does he find the time to do so much so often??

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    We often wonder that too. Toni Wilen must have a lot of spare time to work on the emulator with new beta releases so often.

    He wasn't involved with the original Amiga devleopment, but was an Amiga programmer. He coded SysInfo which hints at his knowledge of the Amiga hardware. I think he just reverse engineers from schematics and hardware reference manuals. Quite mad for one man to be doing all this alone. He even has time to post over at EAB quite a lot to answer questions about the emulator and to discuss suggestions for its continued devleopment.

    He also wasn't even involved with the original UAE project, and not even initially with WinUAE, which started out as a Windows port of UAE by someone called Bernd Schmidt, along with a few others. However soon after joining the project, now a long time ago 10+ years) he ended up taking it over as the sole developer when all the others lost interest, and he has worked continuously on its development ever since. We therefore have him alone to thank for the advanced state WinUAE is in today. Without which WinUAE would have been abandoned a long time ago in a much less advanced state, without AGA support or accurate A500 and 68K emulation.

    I recommend you read the following interview with Toni Wilen to learn much more about him and WinUAE's history:

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    Wow, that was really interesting, he seems like a really nice guy.

    Interesting that he gets Amiga hardware donations from Cloanto, that's a nice touch from them.

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