Beta 9:

- emulate mouse counter behavior 100% when joystick is connected (increase/decrease counter by 4 when two lowest bits change from 0 to 3 or vice versa) Most likely no program cares.. Mouse cursor movement is now exactly same as on real Amigas when moving joystick in mouse port..
- "Delete Saveimage" button didn't work, broke when CD image GUI was added
- save CPU/chipset ratio to statefile
- attempt to load disk image and harddisk paths in statefiles from current dir, current adf/hardfile paths and directory where statefile was loaded if original path or file is missing
- harddrive statesaves didn't save correctly if more than 1 harddrive was configured
- b3 "stop linedraw if blitter register modified while active" hack didn't always clear blitter active bit
- stopped CPU in CE mode was saved incorrectly to statefile (introduced in some earlier beta)