Beta 8:

* mixed mode CD first audio track didnīt always play (uaescsi.device only)
* some CD/DVD drives refuse to read MODE 2 Form 1 data tracks if "only read Mode 2 Form 1" sector type set. "Any type" works..
* SCSI emulation CDA paused state should automatically unpause when play request arrives
* most SCSI commands in uaescsi.device SPTI mode were broken since SCSI emulation was implemented..
* (SCSI/CD audio changes should fix for example T-Zero and The Shadow of the Third Moon CDA problems)
* comma in cdimage command line was incorrectly handled
* audio pitch errors if audio period rate was near minimum audio DMA time (2.3.0)
* added basic doslist debugger command ("To") (simple rom replacement debugging helper, nothing more)