Need For Speed: HP is another game on my to-buy list, but with so many games around unfinished (GT5, Enslaved, Castlevania LOS, Black Ops, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood), I can barely find the time to spend on any one of them.

I can somewhat see Teho's point, though. GT5, while still a very good installment, just doesn't do anything groundbreaking apart from, well, being GT. No other racer has car physics quite like it, no other racer has car models as detailed (talking about the premium cars here), and the amount of content is staggering. It's not a pick-up-and-play game though, and some people might even find it boring, seeing as how you have to spend lots of time in the game to get to the good stuff. Having to start over again with a measly 80's Civic, doing all the licenses, grinding for money to buy that bigger car - well, it gets old. If you're a GT nut who derives pleasure from starting with a heap of junk and gradually building up a behemoth of a garage, this game is definitely for you. It's a real joy to finally see that shiny, hard-earned Pagani Zonda in your stable! If not, you probably should steer clear and go for another racer.

Me, I'm still loving the game, but truth be told, I'm not into it as fanatically as I was with the previous GTs. That's more because I'm gradually losing some interest in gaming, in general. I still buy the games that are critically acclaimed, but most of the time they just sit on the shelf, untouched, unfinished. I'm getting old, I think