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    Talking Lose Your Own Adventure

    Those guys at Despair Inc. do it yet again with a new series...

    Lose Your Own Adventure!

    Introducing Lose Your Own Adventures. the most radical breakthrough in productized cynicism to come out of Despair, Labs™ since we launched Demotivators® in 1998. This truly revolutionary new book series hides its world-crushing defeatism inside the whimsical veneer of a good old-fashion children's gamebook. Each book asks you to assume the role of a Protagonist- and to take a challenge head on- then utterly destroys both your sense of mission and your hope itself- by confronting you with a myriad of disastrous unintended consequences and outcomes.

    It doesn't matter how you choose when you're destined to lose!

    Book 1- Who Killed John F. Kennedy? - see what happens when an enterprising boy detective goes up against one of the most profound and consequential murders of the 20th Century!

    Book 2 - The Glass Ceiling - You're the best person for the job. But you've got one big problem - you're a woman!

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    Heh, sounds cool. Although...

    world-crushing defeatism
    I've already got a job to do this to me....

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