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    Amiga 2000 ATX Adapter Cable With Switch

    We are pleased to add to our webstore Amiga 2000 ATX PSU Adapter Cable with Switch

    This product is in compliment to the existing ATX adapter cables we also stock for other Amiga models here:
    [][/url] - Amiga store

    []New Products[/url] [b]USA Toll Free Order Tel: 1-888-698-6758[/b]

    [b]We don't charge Paypal charges. We ship worldwide[/b]

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    So this makes it a straight swap out solution? Buy an ATX PSU that will fit in the case, take out the old PSU, insert the new and connect it up using this cable... That simple?

    Is it also the same for the A4000 cable you have available? How does the A4000 version work with the A4000's existing on/off switch that uses a long bar to push the on/off on the actual PSU?

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