So here's the final release of WinUAE 2.3.0. I will add the download next week, and also update it on the main page.

New features:

* CDTV and CD32 subchannel hardware emulation, CD+G audio CDs supported.
* CDTV statefile support.
* FLAC compressed CD audio tracks supported (cue+flac or cue+iso+flac).
* Automatic center, max fullscreen and tv-like fullscreen options added.
* uaescsi.device SCSI emulation, including full CD audio support.
* Pause uaescsi.device CD audio when emulation is paused or GUI is open.
* Support for configuration file delayed CD image insert, for example CD32 games
* F17 Challenge and Last Ninja crash if booted before CD32 boot screen appears...
* Right and bottom border, if outside of display area, is blanked instead of filling
* with current border color.
* Full "Portable"/USB key mode (-portable command line parameter) and relative path support.
* Borderless/minimal/normal windowed mode option.


* CD/CD image handling rewrite:
o .ccd/.img/.sub and .mds/.mdf v1 image files supported.
o * Subchannel support (CDTV/CD32 CD+G).
o * Audio tracks fully supported.
o * SCSI emulation, CD images and non-SPTI mode full uaescsi.device CD audio support,
o most common CD SCSI commands emulated. SCSI emulation enabled by default.
o * Near-instant compressed (mp3/flac) CD audio and zipped CD image startup time.
o * More reliable CD/CD image and CD image/real drive on the fly change support.

* CD32/CDTV more accurate CD audio and animation streaming.
* Rawinput keyboard handling improved.
* Cycle exact audio and disk DMA sequencer, Paula DMA request line timing fully emulated,
* (previously DMA accesses were "immediate", all other timing was already exact)
* Direct3D bezel overlays and "old" overlays separated, bezel overlays
* are in overlays-directory, old overlays should be renamed as masks.
* Direct3D bezel automatic display area detection and aspect ratio correction.
* Disk images inside archives are automatically "extracted" to Disk Swapper
* and floppy drive paths when dragged and dropped.
* 68000 and 68020 cycle exact CPU timing updates.
* 68040 MMU emulation compatibility improved, Linux and NetBSD confirmed working.
* Keyboard led handling improved.

2.2 bugs fixed:

* Triple/double/single buffer option was not saved to configuration file.
* Autovsync didnīt work.
* Rawinput GUI F12 key ignored window focus.
* Gameports panel joystick/mouse type (mouse,joystick,analog joystick,..)
* was ignored when configuration file was loaded.

Other bugs fixed:

* Direct3D 2x+ shader filter bad image quality.
* CDTV CD timecode (Built-in CD player time counter).
* CD32 CD end of play notification only worked if play was last sent CD command. (Fightin Spirit)
* CD32 CD audio status reporting when attempting to play data tracks (Mission Impossible 2025)
* CD32 pad 2-button mode fixes (F17 Challenge, Quik The Thunder Rabbit, ATR)
* Audio length detection error if MP3 audio tracks had checksummed frames.
* Built-in image mounter CD audio timecode offset fixed.
* Z3/RTG RAM leak when restarting.
* Direct3D scanlines can be (finally) enabled on the fly.
* Configuration file cdimage0=: at startup didnīt work.
* Dynamic hardfiles didnīt work reliably with DirectSCSI filesystems.
* Dynamic hardfile data corruption if physical file size grew over 4G.
* Some demos had blank display (broke in 2.0 Denise updates).
* Transparent clipboard support crash fixes.
* Initial ROM scan didnīt detect Amiga Forever rom keys correctly.
* Joystick axis bogus autofire in some situations when remapping joysticks.
* Rawinput was not enabled if only one (physical or logical) keyboard was detected.
* RTG mouse cursor problem in D3D mode with enabled filter.
* RTG 8-bit fullscreen mode color error in some situations.
* Miscellaneous custom chipset and disk emulation tweaks.
* RTS and RTD odd address check was missing, fixes also mysterious JIT crashes.
* Epson printer emulation multiple page printing fixes.
* plugin directory detection problems.
* Rar archive crash.
* ~1.5G Z3 Fast RAM works again (64-bit host OS only)

and more...